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Get Multiple Cricut Expressions For the Family Share Cricut Cartridges

Updated on September 22, 2010

Why You Should Buy Multiple Cricut Expressions

Why? Because it is an awesome cutting tool. The new Cricut Expressions are larger than the Cricut Classic Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine and is really meant to be kept in one single place.

So, if your aunt or cousins want to borrow it? Well, bad luck! But fear not. We understand why they love it so much. Who wouldnt be jealous of the Cricut Expression owner. I am sure people come into your house all the time and admire the amazing cutouts and decorations that you have created using this amazing design tool. So naturally, they want to "borrow" it. But people dont like to part with their Cricut Expressions that easily. So whats the solution?

Cricut Expressions Make The Perfect Gift

Thats right! Simply buy some Cricut Expressions and give them as birthday or Christmas presents to your family. The best part about having multiple Cricut Expressions in the family is that you get to share the Cricut Cartridges.

You can also have contests on who has nicer and more imaginative decorations. Or a contest about the prettiest holiday greeting card. Or even a contest on the nicest and spookiest Halloween decorations. There is so much to do with the Cricut Expression.

The other thing about buying people their own Cricut Expressions is that you are sure that they will absolutely love it and that they will not want to borrow yours.

Arts and Crafts are Addictive

Let me tell you a little story. My Aunt used to keep a scrapbook. Every day, she would go on a nature hike and collect the most interesting little thing she would see - like a leaf or a small rock. Then she would come back and write a short poem about her walk and the wonderful countryside surrounding her house. Then she would fire up her Cricut Expression and make beautiful cutouts of leaves, mountains, vines etc to decorate the pages of her scrapbook.

My other Aunt saw this relaxing behavior and got a great idea. She loved photographs and had a large collection of family photos. So, she wanted to create and decorate a photo album. So, she borrowed my first aunt's Cricut Expression and broke it accidentally.

Well, to make up for it, she bought two new Cricut Expressions and gave one to my Nature loving aunt and kept one for herself. Now they are both super happy and have contests and share cartridges. The kids of my family love to go to both their houses because they know that they will always have a creative and entertaining visit.


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