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The Cricut Gypsy - Everything You Need to Know

Updated on October 18, 2010

What is the Gypsy?

The Cricut Gypsy is an add-on to Provo Craft's line of electronic die cutting machines. This device is often described as a handheld design studio, allowing modifications to the content on the cartridges prior to cutting.

It plugs directly into the various Cricut machines, including the Expression, the Create, and the V1 original cutter. Once the content from your cartridges are loaded onto the Gypsy, you will not need to use the cartridges nor the keypad overlays. However, do not sell or give these away, because you will need access to them should anything happen to your device, or if you want to make cutouts without your handheld machine.

There are so many advantages to having the Gypsy. You can design cards and scrapbook layouts virtually anywhere, because the machine is small and fits easily into your handbag. You can alter the die cuts in many ways, including welding them, flipping them, and making custom sizes. You can also combine content from many different carts, without the need for the Cricut Jukebox.

Do You Need a Computer for Operation?

Unlike the Design Studio Software, you will not need a computer to make designs for cutting.  However, you will need to have a computer with internet access in order to update the content on your cartridges and to add additional features as they are released by the Provo Craft company.

A computer is also essential for backing up your designs.  Should your machine malfunction or its internal hard drive go bad, you may want access to your designs.  Keep a backup of your files on your computer so that you can upload the content to a replacement unit.

You will also want to have access to a computer in order to upload Gypsy files shared by other users.  For example, if someone designs a card using their Gypsy, they may make the file available for downloading on their blog.  If you want to use the file, you will first need to download it to your computer before you can put it on your Gypsy machine.

Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, the instructional materials that come packaged with the Gypsy leave much to be desired.  Make sure to check out the website, where you can read the full PDF instruction manual.  There are also several helpful videos on their site.  In addition to these, there are other videos and blogs by users, which will be helpful in explaining the different things that you can do with your device.

Also, before adding your cartridge content to your device, take some time to use it.  It comes pre-loaded with two unique carts.  Use these to make some designs for cutting.  Get a feel for how the machine works and to determine whether you really like it.  Do not upload your cartridges to it until you decide that it is definitely a "keeper".

Tutorial: Welding with the Cricut Gypsy

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    • profile image

      kattbarclay 2 years ago

      i have recently bought a second hand cricut gypsy with preloaded cartridges on but every time i try to use them it says i do not have the permissions to use them, any ideas whats wrong?