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Cricut Joy-Tips And Ideas

Updated on May 27, 2020
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

What Is The Cricut Joy?

The Cricut Joy is the newest machine in the Cricut line from Provocraft. It is the smallest machine and very portable. Yet despite its' small size, the functionality of this machine is very mighty. The joy cuts 50 plus different materials.

The release of the Cricut Joy was March 1st, 2020. At the present time the machine is only in one color.

What makes the Cricut Joy the right machine for you?

  • The Size -This machine is small enough to fit into the smallest of craft spaces. It is perfect for apartments of crafters who do not have large spaces to craft. in. It measures 8.5 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 5 inches tall.
  • The Cricut Joy is 3.85 lbs in weight
  • For folks who are very much into organization: This machine makes labels to create organization labels for just about everything.
  • For anyone who wants to create in less time, but get more accomplished.
  • Portability: This machine is very lightweight and portable which makes it perfect to take to classes, crops and cruses

It is compatible to use with the Desktop or IOS app, so you can create from your computer, iPad or phone!

  • There are no buttons ! You simply plug it in. Simple and easy to use !

What Kinds of Projects Can You Cut?

Cricut Joy Smart Materials

The joy in the new Cricut is that you can create repeated images up to 20 feet long.

You can cut any project that is 4 feet 5 inches wide by 48 inches longer or less.

  1. With a 10’ roll, you can cut the 48” long design twice
  2. With a 20’ roll, you can cut the 48” long design 5 times, all without unloading!

Mat Cutting

  1. 4.5×8.5” Mat – 4.2” wide x 6.5” long
  2. 4.5×12”Mat – 4.2″ wide x 11.5” long

Making Cards Just Became Easier

Making cards became easier with the Cricut Joy. With the new "Insert Card Sets and specialized mats, you can make cards just cutting the top of the card.

There is only one cord to this machine. It connects to your computer by Bluetooth to your computer or mobile device.

The current retail price for the Cricut Joy is $179,99.

Software For The Cricut Joy

Like the rest of the Cricut line, you can access the free Design Space software. It will work on Android and IOS. It will also work with Design Space for desk top on Bluetooth -enabled windows or Mac computer.Can be installed on your computer or mobile device when you set up your Cricut Machine. No USB cable needed. Your unit will connect to your Bluetooth device.

Design Space is a free access where you can create your projects and send them to your Cricut Joy. You can upload your own projects and free fonts. Or you can purchase individual projects from the Cricut library.

Cricut Access is a renewable subscription service that allows you access to images, fonts and projects. You have access to thousands of images and fonts while you have your membership.

You will need an online connection to install the software and complete themachine setup. If you are using the Design Space for Desktops or for IOS, you will have the option of working offline.

What Comes With The Cricut Joy?

The package for the Cricut Joy comes with everything that you need to start doing projects as soon as the machine is set up.

  • Cricut Joy Machine
  • Blade and Blade Housing (pre-installed in the machine)
  • Black fine point pen (0.4 mm)
  • Standard Grip Mat (4.5" x 6.5")
  • Power Adaptor
  • Welcome Card
  • Free 30 day membership to Cricut Access
  • 50 Ready to make projects online
  • Practice Cut Materials

Some machines may be offered as a bundle with may include smart materials,

Making Greeting Cards In Minutes With The Cricut Joy

Have you ever realized that you need a greeting card in minutes? The Cricut Joy answers that need in virtual minutes.

With the card mats and the insert card, you can make a card using the dozens of designs on Design Space. No glue or tape required.

After you set up the Joy as the directions tell you;

These are cards that are pre folded

  • Once you select the design that you want to use, you hit the Make it button
  • On the preview page, you will see the options for how to cut the materials. The options are Without a mat ( for smart materials only),On mat,On card mat ( for pre folded cards only). or On multiple ways (for multiple layered projects)
  • Once you select Card mat, Click done.
  • Chose the material size and click Continue
  • Chose the material that you need. For a card, you chose card stock
  • Load the card into the card into the mat and click go

The Cricut Joy does the rest !

Watch How To Make A Card With The Cricut Joy

About The Writing Feature

The Cricut Joy has a special set of pens that allow you to write on smart vinyl without it writing off. Because of the size of the machine, the standard sized Cricut pens cannot be used with this machine.

The Joy of using Smart Vinyl
The Joy of using Smart Vinyl | Source

What Can You Make With The Cricut Joy?

The buzz in the craft community is the amount of projects that you can make with the Cricut Joy

  • Labels-who could not go organization crazy making labels and organizing everything in your home and craft room?
  • Personalize It- Personalize everything for your home, your kids and yourself
  • Greeting Cards-You can create greeting cards in minutes with the new Cricut Joy greeting card format
  • Wall Decor for anywhere you need a special touch
  • Large Signs And Wall Decor-Create wall decor up to 20 feet
  • Custom Fabric Projects-Do t shirts ,tote bags, pillow covers and more with Infusible Inks and iron on transfers

Cricut Joy Materials

On of the biggest and unique thing about the Cricut Joy is that it will cut without a mat ! Imagine not to have to take time to mount paper to cut your project? This is probably the one feature that no one could predict might happen !

It streamlined the entire process. The Cricut Joy has sensors and feed guides that allow the Cricut Joy materials to be cut without any mats.

You simply feed the Cricut Joy Smart Materials into the machine and the materials are cut as well and as any other Cricut machine.

Will will notice a 1" edge at the top and the bottom of your projects. This is because the rollers need space to grip and sense the materials.

What Are The Cricut Joy Smart Materials?

The Cricut Joy Smart Materials are those that enable you to cut without a mat. They have a firmer backing with band on either side of the material that allows the material to be fed into the machine.

They are in both vinyl and iron on materials. This function, at leas for now is only limited to these materials. There are an outstanding selection of colors and finishes, so this is going to be huge to a lot of crafters. There are some 70 colors available.

The rolls come in 48 inches, 10 feet and 20 feet ( in limited colors). Imagine the crafts that you could make with these loner rolls !

Writeable Vinyl

This is one of the materials made for the Cricut Joy that works without any cutting mat. You can write on this vinyl,using the Cricut Joy Pens and Markers.Cut it to the size that you need. You can weed it, then remove and apply it without any transfer tape.( Not compatible with the Cricut Joy Gel Pens or Metallic Markers

Smart Vinyl Shimmer

Works without a cutting mat, this vinyl works well for custom decals. It can be used outdoors, for water bottles, mailboxes and more. Permanent adhesive that lasts for about three years.

Sold in 1 roll 5.5" x 48" (13.9 cm x 121.9 cm)

Smart Vinyl Removeable

No mat needed so you load and go. You can create vinyl designs for your electronics and walls. The vinyl can be removed with no residue left behind. This product is recommended for indoor use. It is very easy to weed.

Iron On

Create and wear your designs on any fabric. No mat needed so you load and go. The iron on will last for 50 or more washes.Once the iron on is applied by iron or easy press, you should wait 24 hours before washing

Cricut Smart Labels

Cricut Joy Transfer Tape

Cricut Joy Adhesive Backed Paper

This adhesive paper takes the mess out of paper crafting. There are currently 8 different sets available. Just about any paper project that you can glue or tape together is right for this adhesive backed paper.

Cricut Joy Insert Card Sets

These special cards sets unique to the Cricut Joy makes it possible to create cards in minutes. Instead of having to cut and emboss pieces and glue or tape them together, you slide the pre-cut , scored card onto the card mat and load it into your machine. It will then cut your card design on the top of the card without damaging any layer underneath.,

Infusible Inks

Designed to be compatible with the Cricut Joy. You can create designs with no visible seams or lines on any fabric project. These inks are specific to the Cricut Joy

All materials that you could use with the Cricut Explore can be used with the Cricut Joy as long as you cut them down to size to fit on the Cricut Joy mat.

Your Other Vinyls And Card Stock Can Be Used With The Cricut Joy !

Yes the other vinyl and cardstock that you have is compatible with the Cricut Joy. You just have to trim it down and use the Cricut Joy mat

Cricut Joy Mats

While there are smart materials that can be cut without a mat, there are other materials that you will want to craft with that will require a mat.

The Cricut Joy has a line of mats that are specific to the machine. They are designed to fit this machine with the same amount of stickiness that the Cricut mats are known for.

The Cricut Joy Card Mat

This is for use with the Cricut Joy pre-scored insert card.

Cricut Joy Light Grip Mat

This mat is for everyday projects like copy paper and light card stock. It has easy release stickiness.

Cricut Joy Standard Grip Mat

Use this mat for Adhesive Back Deluxe Paper, Infusible Ink Transfer Paper and heavy card stock, These mats come in 8.5 inch and 12 inch sizes.

Other Cutting Features

There are so many features to the Cricut Joy ! Besides the Smart Materials, you can also cut in a more traditional manner.

Because of the Joy's size, there are special mats that make it easy to cut with this little mighty machine. The machine comes with a 4.5 inch by 8.5 inch standard mat. Also available for an additional purchase are a 12 inch long light grip mat, standard grip 12 inch long mat, and a card mat. Just like any other Cricut, these mats would be used for paper cutting, any vinyl that was not in the Cricut Joy Smart Materials line and of course scraps.

They are similar to the other mats that you are used to using, with one exception and that is the fed. There is no button to hit to feed that materials into the Joy. Like the Smart Materials feature, the machine senses the mat and automatically moves it to the right position. It unloads automatically.

While the Cricut Joy is a mighty little machine, it does not have the functionality of the Cricut Maker or even of the Explore. It cannot cut heavier materials or fabric. Nor does it have the tools capacity of the maker.

More Accessories For The Cricut Joy

There are many new accessories just for the Cricut Joy. They are made just for the size of this machine and are unique to it's use.

Cricut Joy Tools

These are made for the smaller mats and area that conform to the Cricut JOy

Cricut Joy Pens

The drawing feature is the same function that has been popular in the Cricut line, but you will need to use the Cricut Joy Pens and Infusible pens. YThe standard pens will not work in this machine. The pens are made to be placed into the slot . There is no pushing as in other styles, these pens slip easy into the clamp with no fuss. You just place and close the clamp.

Carrying Case

Because this machine is so portable, you will want to have the carrying case. It will allow you to tote your machine and accessories.

So Which Cricut Is Right For You?

The Bottom Line On The Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy is priced at about $179- $185, depending on the bundle you purchase and where you get yours.

If you have never owned a Cricut, or have experience crafting, then this version in the Cricut line may be right for you. It is somewhat less intimidating than the other models.

If you do not have a specific craft space, or have very limited space, this may also be the right model for you. Or if you attend a lot of classes, craft cruises, or crops, then this portable machine may be just right.

© 2020 Linda F Correa

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