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Crochet Baby Hats for Boys

Updated on April 4, 2011

Crochet baby hats are one of the most common items for crocheters to produce. Baby items are always nice because they are easy to work up, don’t require a lot of yarn and yet produce a great item that is wearable and will be useful for the child. Because they are so popular it is really easy to find free patterns for crochet baby hats. However, if you start to look through crochet baby hats patterns what you will see is that a really large percentage of them are designed for little girl babies. What about crochet baby hats for boys?

Unisex Crochet Baby Hats

If you are looking for free crochet baby hats patterns that will work for boys then the easiest option is to scan through the patterns to find those that are truly unisex. Simple crochet baby hats that are designed without any embellishments or shaping will work easily for either gender.

One thing that you need to focus on is ignoring the color of the yarn in the image of the pattern that you are looking at. Many people will skip over free crochet baby hats patterns where the image is pink or lavender because they associate the yarn with a girl child. However if you just change the yarn color to a more “manly” shade like blue or green then you may be able to make the exact same hat for a boy baby and have it look great.

Once you start to pay attention to the shape and design of baby hats patterns you will begin to see that a large percentage of them are actually unisex hats that will work for boys and girls. This is particularly true when you are looking at designs for newborns. And those patterns that are designed for girls can often be easily adapted to work for a boy baby.

Adapting and Modifying Crochet Baby Hats for Girls

You may come across a crochet baby hat pattern that is designed specifically for girls but can still be used to make a hat for a boy. The most common example is crochet baby hats with flowers. It is often only the embellishment of the flower that makes the hat look so girly. If you just don’t add the flower (which is typically a separate part of the instructions anyway!) then you will have a unisex hat. Choosing the right colors for making the hat will easily turn this into a great crochet hat for a boy. So when you’re looking through crochet baby hat patterns make sure that you pay attention not only to the shape of the basic design but also to whether or not there are elements or embellishments that can easily be removed to adapt the design.

Finding Crochet Baby Hats for Boys

Whether you choose a unisex baby hat or adapt a girl’s hat design to work for a boy what you have is a hat that can work for either gender. But what if what you really want is to make crochet baby hats that are really designed primarily with boys in mind? Think about the stereotypical “boy” things (sports, cars, wild animals) and look for designs that reflect those things.

The photos below will give you some inspiration for those types of crochet baby hats:

Click thumbnail to view full-size

So where do you find crochet baby hats patterns that will work for boys? You can use crochet books, crochet magazines and various other sources but many people prefer to get free online patterns. Some of the best resources for free online patterns for crochet baby hats for boys include:

o   All Crafts. This website has more than 400 free crochet hat patterns so you will find something for everyone here including hats for baby boys. Be warned, though, that looking through all of these hats may make you want to crochet items for everyone in the family and not just the baby boy you’ve got in mind!

o   Bev’s Hats, Booties and Mitts Patterns. You will find everything that you could possibly want to crochet for a baby boy on this website. After you’ve crocheted baby hats for boys you can move on to crochet baby booties and more using the great patterns available here. One thing to note, however, is that she has patterns for both crochet and knitting so if you only crochet then you’ll need to sift through the patterns to find those that will work for you.

o   Crochet Pattern Central. This is one of the most popular sites for finding free crochet patterns and they certainly offer lots of them. They’re regularly adding new patterns to their baby hats section. Many of the designs are unisex designs but there are some just for boys and better for girls as well.

Buying Crochet Baby Hats for Boys

All of this information is great for people who want to crochet baby hats for boys but what if you just want to find out where you can buy those hats so that you don’t have to make them yourself? The best answer is to turn to other crocheters and see what they have to offer. You can ask friends who crochet if they would be interested in making a crochet baby hat for you and then you can work to find a boy’s hat pattern that you want them to use. Alternatively you can check Etsy for crochet baby hats that are already made and ready for sale. You’ll have lots to choose from!

If you’re new to crocheting then you might want to look at my crochet stitch instructions and if you’re new to crocheting baby hats then you may want to check out my complete guide to crochet baby hats.


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Cute, cute crochet projects. Thanks for sharing!

  • Athlyn Green profile image

    Athlyn Green 

    8 years ago from West Kootenays

    Very cute hats! Voted up.

  • dablufox profile image


    8 years ago from Australia

    These are the cutest items I have ever seen you toddlers. I don't know that I have the patience for crocheting, but these cute little hats make the perfect personalized gift for someone having a child. Beautiful Hub!


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