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Crochet Baby Hats with Ear Flaps

Updated on April 4, 2011
A cute variation on the crochet baby hat with ear flaps!
A cute variation on the crochet baby hat with ear flaps! | Source

Do you want to crochet baby hats? If you have already begun to browse through crochet baby hats patterns then you will have realized that there are many, many different styles of crochet baby hats. There are crochet baby hats with flowers, crochet baby hats for boys, abstract crochet baby hats (also known as freeform crochet baby hats) and more. What I want to talk about is a specific category of crochet baby hats that are great for boys and girls and have a lot of benefits over some of the other types of crochet baby hats. That category is the category of crochet baby hats with ear flaps.

What are crochet baby hats with ear flaps?

As their name suggests, crochet baby hats with ear flaps are hats that are crocheted by hand and designed for babies. What sets them into their own category is that they have separate flaps that are designed to cover the baby’s ears. A traditional crochet baby hat can be pulled down over the ears, of course, but this type of hat always covers the ears. There are several different types of crochet baby hats with ear flaps and we’ll look at those in a minute but first let’s consider what the benefits are of this type of hat compared to more traditional crochet baby hats.

Benefits of crochet baby hats with ear flaps

So why would you choose crochet baby hats with ear flaps instead of some of the other options that are available to crochet for babies? Some of the benefits of this type of hat include:

o   Ear flaps protect the baby’s ears from cold. The most practical reason to get crochet baby hats with ear flaps is because they cover the baby’s ears at all time, protecting the child from the cold. Babies can easily pull regular crochet baby hats askew so that they no longer cover the ears but the design of a hat with ear flaps makes it much more difficult for the child to do this and therefore does a better job of protecting the child from the elements.

o   The hat is more likely to stay on. There are a few different reasons for this. The shape of a crochet hat with ear flaps tends to have a heavier pull to it so it’s not as likely to just slide off as other types of crochet baby hats may be. Also the child is unlikely to be able to pull it off as easily for the same reason. Moreover a large percentage of crochet baby hats with ear flaps are designed in such a way that they have long pieces hanging down around the sides that can be tied under the baby’s chin to strengthen the hold that the hat has.

o   They’re super cute! Once you take a look at the different types of crochet baby hats with ear flaps that are available you will see that the shape, style and fun designs of these hats makes them super cute on boy girl and baby babies! So let’s go ahead and look at what some of those different types are!

Types of crochet baby hats with ear flaps

There are many different designs for crochet baby hats with ear flaps but there are some that are really common and therefore easy to find patterns for (or to find such hats in the market if you are looking to buy this type of crochet baby hat). Some of those common types of hats for babies include:

o   Traditional baby beanie with extra flaps for the ears. This is the simplest design to choose if you are crocheting baby hats with ear flaps for the first time. The shape of the beanie is a normal hat and then you just add some additional rows around the ears to properly cover the child’s ears up. Simple as can be and yet functional and cute!

o   Crochet baby hats with flowers for ears. A great choice for little girls is to find a crochet baby hat pattern that adds floral decorations to cover the ears. Adorable and also helpful to keep your girl baby’s ears all warm and cozy.

o   Braids on the sides. In the first two examples what you have is a hat that is basically the standard size of a hat bit with a slightly larger overhang around the ears. However, many patterns for crochet baby hats with ear flaps will have longer pieces hanging down the sides of the hat (often extending all the way down to about mid-chest on the baby). These may be braided pieces of just long twists of yarn. These pieces can be tied underneath the baby’s chin if you desire.

o   Animal-inspired crochet baby hats with ear flaps. Think of an animal with floppy ears and you’ve got the perfect inspiration for a crochet baby hat that also has ear flaps. For example, a crochet baby hat that dresses your child up like a puppy!

I know that sometimes just words won’t do you justice when trying to see what these different hats look like. That’s why I’ve included some pictures to make it easier to see the different types of crochet baby hats with ear flaps:

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Traditional beanie with ear flapsFlowers for ear flapsBraids on the sidesBraids on the sidePuppy hat with doggy ears for ear flaps
Traditional beanie with ear flaps
Traditional beanie with ear flaps | Source
Flowers for ear flaps
Flowers for ear flaps | Source
Braids on the sides
Braids on the sides | Source
Braids on the side
Braids on the side | Source
Puppy hat with doggy ears for ear flaps
Puppy hat with doggy ears for ear flaps | Source

Patterns for crochet baby hats with ear flaps

After you have decided what type of crochet baby hats with ear flaps you are interested in making you can start looking for patterns to make those designs. You can find such patterns in crochet books, crochet magazines and online. There are numerous free crochet patterns on sites like Crochet Pattern Central and All Free Crochet. Take a look around the web and you’ll surely get some pattern ideas.

Where to buy crochet baby hats with ear flaps

If you decide that you don’t want to crochet baby hats with ear flaps after all but do want to purchase this item then the Internet is also a great place to find what you’re looking for. The number one option is to check Etsy for sellers that have created these great items and are offering them for sale. This allows you to support independent crochet entrepreneurs. However the Google shopping search tool will also garner you a lot of results.


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  • htodd profile image


    7 years ago from United States

    This is really great..These hats are really awesome..

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    like this... :-)

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Love the braided hat on the kid with the slobber! Cute!

  • RTalloni profile image


    8 years ago from the short journey

    Oh me oh my oh! How adorable these are! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  • Tweetmom profile image


    8 years ago from Newark

    Very cute. Love this hub. Rated up. Thank you for sharing

  • MikeSyrSutton profile image


    8 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

    Very unique gift idea and a great hub!

  • profile image

    Bethany Culpepper 

    8 years ago

    So cute!! They need something to help keep their little heads warm.


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