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Crochet Business: Where to Find Crochet Patterns

Updated on May 12, 2016

25 Crochet Patterns with Permission to Sell Finished Item

25 Crochet Patterns
25 Crochet Patterns | Source

Hooked on Crochet?

I've been hooked on crochet since 1999. Back in 2007 when I began thinking about starting a crochet business one of the problems I faced was finding patterns I could use.

Many patterns are copyrighted so selling the finished item isn't allowed. Finally, I decided to design my own patterns which solved this problem.

What if you can’t write crochet patterns?

Where do you find crochet patterns with rights to sell the finished item?

  • Google Search
  • Shops
  • Patterns you own
  • Blogs
  • Yarn Suppliers

The first place I always turn to when I need information is I searched terms like resale patterns, patterns with permission to sell, and selling the finished product. This led me to many handmade shops.

Next, I visited and searched crochet patterns with those same search terms. I found a number of designers who freely give permission to sell the finished product and even welcomed it as long as you link back to their shop.

If you don’t find permission in the pattern description try looking at the stores policies or better yet contact the seller directly.

I have a large collection of crochet patterns and many are from independent designers. I was quite surprised to find that many of the patterns I owned also enable me to sell the finished product.

Now when I buy crochet patterns I look for this permission so if someone wants to buy the product from me I know I can sell it. Try looking in your stash of crochet patterns to see what jewels you’ll find.

Another resource for finding patterns to use in your crochet business is blogs. Many crochet bloggers write their own patterns. Take a look at their policy page or frequently asked questions page for details about selling items you make from their patterns.

If no permission is given on the blog just send a quick email asking them – the worse that can happen is they say no.

Finally, look at big brand yarn suppliers like Lion Brand yarn patterns and RedHeart crochet patterns. The last time I checked they give permission to sell the completed item as long as they hold the copyright. Sometimes designers retain the copyright so be sure that it is owned by the yarn supplier before using it. If in doubt you can always check the terms of use on their site.

Whether you start a crochet business online or out of your home having a large selection of crochet patterns to choose from keeps your inventory varied and always in season. If you’re unsure about using a specific pattern don’t be afraid to contact the designer. More often than not they are willing to give you permission as long as you credit them for the pattern and don’t mass produce.

Finding Crochet Patterns for Business

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Where Do You Find Crochet Patterns?

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    • SaraDuggan profile image

      Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

      Exactly, especially for those who aren't really into writing their own patterns - it can be very beneficial.

    • profile image

      PWalker281 5 years ago

      Thanks for the great tips for how to search these patterns, Sara. And it's a great idea of have an inventory of these patterns on hand. A crocheter could build an entire business around selling crocheted items from these patterns. Voted up and (very) useful!!