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Crochet Chemo Caps

Updated on January 21, 2012

Crochet Chemo Hat

Review: Chemo Caps and Wraps

"Cancer is a journey of courage. Let us embrace you along the way"

The above quote is the theme of Halos of Hope, an organization that collects crochet and knitted hats and donates them to over 450 hospitals and cancer centers nationwide.

Connie Ellison, editor of Chemo Caps and Wraps, lost her husband nearly 30 years ago from cancer. This book is a collection of patterns made especially for the Halos of Hope organization and the patients it serves. In fact a portion of the sales of this book goes right back to Halos of Hope.

Inside you'll connect with family and friends as they share how cancer has touched their lives.

Take Megan, when she learned her third grade teacher wouldn't be able to finishe the school year she decided to grow out her hair in order to donate it to Locks of Love.

You'll meet Alvah who is Connie's mother-in-law. It was her son that died 30 years ago from melanoma that brought cancer into this family for the first time. It would rear it's ugly head again when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been cancer free for 10 years now.

You'll find a number of patterns for all skill levels with designs such as Floppy hat, Slouchy hat, Ribbed hat, Hat with flowers, and even a couple of shawls and wraps.

In the back of the book you'll find a stitch guide as well as a metric conversion chart.

Stitches and terms used in this book:

  • single crochet decrease
  • half double crochet decrease
  • chain
  • single crochet
  • double crochet
  • double crochet decrease
  • front loop
  • back loop
  • front post
  • back post
  • half double crochet
  • double treble
  • treble decrease
  • slip stitch
  • reverse single crochet
  • chain color change
  • double crochet color change
  • treble

If you need help with some of the terms or stitches youtube has a variety of teachers online that can help you.

31% Off Chemo Caps and Wraps

Chemo Caps & Wraps (Annie's Attic: Crochet)
Chemo Caps & Wraps (Annie's Attic: Crochet)

Chemo Caps and Wraps is published by Annies Attic Crochet. A portion of the sale of this book will go to Halos of Hope. Includes a number of hat patterns for women and children - it even includes a pattern for men. This pattern book is for those who already know the basics of crochet. It is a glimpse into the lives of those who have been touched by cancer - family and friends.



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    • SaraDuggan profile image

      Sara Duggan 6 years ago from California

      Thanks for the compliment on the hat. Yes, cancer is a rough disease - this is just one small thing we can do to help.

    • Rhelena profile image

      Rhelena 6 years ago

      Having lost a few relatives to cancer, my heart goes out to all those suffering and have had to suffer from the terrible disease. Love the hat!!

    • SaraDuggan profile image

      Sara Duggan 6 years ago from California

      Thank you it means a lot being my first.

    • DFTBA profile image

      DFTBA 6 years ago from Sweden

      Very beautiful and well written hub!