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Crochet Projects Using Granny Squares

Updated on October 22, 2015

Ever find yourself stumped with what to do with the Granny squares you made for no purpose other than to try out the pattern? Or how about those Granny squares you have lying around from a scrapped afghan project because you got tired of making even more squares to finally reach the size you wanted? Or maybe you haven't even tried making one for fear of not knowing what project to make?

This hub is full of ideas on projects you can make with Granny squares.

What is a Granny Square?

A Granny square is a technique in crochet that is produced by working in rounds from the middle outwards. The basic square consists of double crochets and chains and can go as big as you want. While there are other square patterns available out there, including several published books on different Granny shapes and sizes, even the most basic square can help you create the projects linked in this hub.

Do not be scared of the name of this technique. Just because it is called Granny does not mean it is really for old people. You can play with youthful colors and make modern projects to suit your age.

Crochet Projects Using Granny Squares


This blanket statement from Red Heart uses two different sizes of Granny squares which gives an abstract feel to the design. Done in vibrant colors, this blanket will be perfect for babies or kids to stimulate their senses.

This bedspread was done with Granny squares made in solid colors. This method of making color blocks to draw your favorite character was done to create an 8-bit computer form of Mario into a very big-sized blanket.

This blanket pattern from Attic24 resembles a garden blooming with flowers. She includes a photo tutorial on how to make each individual square with great color contrasts between each round for a clearer view.

Red Heart offers this free pattern for an afghan blanket that is joined to the project when working in Round 5. This reduces the need to sew the squares together when they are completed, which I'm sure most crocheters hate (I certainly do). It is also easy to customize as the pattern is worked from the center outwards.

This project from Lion Brand uses the basic Granny Square technique until you reach the desired square size. Perfect for those who prefer one-skein projects (like me) and reduces those pesky ends. It even has a chart for those who prefer it over written instructions.

For the Home

Made with worsted weight cotton yarn, this apron consists of 8 Granny squares with 4 rounds each. While it mainly covers you from the waist down, this can also be customized to provide more coverage simply by adding even more squares to the original design.

I used up some of my scraps there (orange and green worsted weight yarns) and just added 2 main colors, yellow and pink, to complete the look.
I used up some of my scraps there (orange and green worsted weight yarns) and just added 2 main colors, yellow and pink, to complete the look. | Source

For this pattern by Purl Soho, you only need 12 squares to make a pair of slippers of any size. What is great about this pattern is it has a step-by-step photo tutorial for everything! How to make the basic granny square (in a link provided within the pattern), how to adjust the size of the slippers to fit the person perfectly, and the most important, in my opinion, how to join them together to form the slipper.

It can also be customized to fit children, men, women, anyone! Plus, because it uses only 12 squares, you can use up your scraps to complete the project.


Just by crocheting 3 Granny squares (up to 8 rounds), Valerie has created this lovely bag fit to suit anyone's needs. Add another square to create a flap to close your bag so you'll feel more secure against anyone who might try to catch you unawares and steal your stuff.

This Granny Square Bracelet by Speckless includes a nice photo tutorial on how the squares were put together to form the bracelet as well as tips on how to make it fit your wrists properly.

If you don't have access to the snap that was used in the pattern, you can use a metal snap instead. Another alternative is to use a regular button, but make sure you create a buttonhole on the opposite side of the band so it can close properly.

Baby Stuff

This Lion Brand pattern requires registration before you can see their instructions. Made from their Babysoft yarn, this is sure to be a timeless pattern suitable for any baby from any generation. For the whole set, you need to make a total of 44 squares (38 for the sweater and 6 for the hat).

Used some variegated thread scraps for the middle of the granny squares and solid colors for the rest.
Used some variegated thread scraps for the middle of the granny squares and solid colors for the rest. | Source

Fashion Dolls

Use up those scraps of thread you have laying around and make this cute bag for 11.5" fashion dolls like Barbie, Monster High, etc. This project is easy to make and can easily be customized to be any size you want it to be.

The project can also be adapted make a bigger version for yourself. Just use a thicker yarn (e.g. worsted weight or bulky) and make more squares to change the size of the project. Just make sure you avoid using acrylic yarn for making bags since acrylic will stretch after prolonged use. For more on acrylic yarns, please visit What is Acrylic Yarn?

More Granny Squares

I'm sure there are a lot more patterns available out there. This hub just presents you with several ideas that I personally find interesting and relevant for our time today. After reading through the list, don't you find yourself wondering just what can't we make with Granny squares? It seems like it can make anything under the sun! With just a little creativity, you can even make your own designs and publish your own patterns.


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    • Wonder wool profile image

      Priyanka Estambale 4 years ago from United States

      Granny Squares Awesomeness!!!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

      The wonderful old granny square really does have many uses. I'm looking forward to checking out more of these, but those granny square slippers in Easter egg colors are delightful. I think I'll go take a look at the bracelet now.