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Step by Step How to Crochet easy and cheap hats for your kids (way to crochet)

Updated on November 24, 2011
hats I made for my girls
hats I made for my girls

I am NOT a crafty person. I don't know how to follow patterns and rules and so on so this will not be one of the traditional blogs about how to make something. This is more like a "get your butt to the store and buy these things and figure it out yourself" type of post.

So someone I know told me she was knitting a hat recently so I got inspired. (This happens about once in a decade..). I went to local Walmart and bought two "RED HEART" brand yarn rolls, these are 5 oz wt and 244 yards and say "medium" on them. Two rolls cost me under $5 so how can you go wrong? My Walmart had plenty of colors to choose from so you can do this for a boy or a girl very easily.

I also bought a size 6 hook for under $2 and few yarn needles for $1,50, so this was all I needed for making these hats pictured above and I still have enough yarn to make scarves when I get inspired again.. Do the math and one hat costs you way under $5, how can you go wrong!!

Now the hard part. I was trying to find some patterns and followed them without much luck. Then I just decided to do it the easy way and see what happens. I'm not even familiar with the right English terms so bare with me here..

First I just made those easy loops as far as I needed to make it fit snuggly around my girls head, not too big but it should not be too tight. I just connected the loops and started going around first with single loops and then here and there with a round of double tall loops (no clue what they are called in English..) to make it faster. I kept trying it to my girls head to make sure it fits right.

After I decided it was long enough I started skipping one in every 4 loops and then normal round and then skipping again. Little by little the hat started closing in and that was it! In my youngest hat I only used multicolor pink yarn. Then I made "flower" on the side by making 10 loops for one pedal and connecting it and another 10 loops, I made 4 pedals and used yarn needle to criss cross in the middle to make it look pretty.

With the next hat I changed colors few times to make stripes as you see. You can get as creative as you like! It is NOT that hard if you ever held a crochet hook in your hand before like I had.. I believed it took me about 3 hours to finish one hat. In the end I just tied all the loose ends with a yarn needle to hide them. Super easy.

So be the super mom or relative and make a hat this fall yourself. I found it very rewarding to do!

Did you understand anything from the instructions??

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