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Crocheted Afghans

Updated on February 26, 2012
Fall Flower Afghan
Fall Flower Afghan | Source

Crocheted Afghans

Crocheted Afghans are always a hit, especially when the weather gets cold. They are great for snuggling up on the couch while watching t.v., reading, while sipping a hot chocolate or while crocheting. No matter what pattern or what type of yarn that is used, crocheted afghans are soft and cozy to not only warm the body, but the heart and soul as well.

Afghans make for great gifts. They can be time consuming to make, but every minute you spend crocheting will be appreciated by the recipient. And not only do they make great gifts, but you can also donate your crocheted afghans to charity organizations that distribute them to the homeless and other needy, or ship them across the seas to help in third-world countries.

Another great thing about afghans is that they are always in style. In the winter you use them for warmth, and in the summer they make for great decor in the living area. You can keep them around to add a cozy touch to any room to make your visitors feel at home.

There are many afghan patterns available, either online or in books, that will help you to get started on them.

Crocheted Afghans come in many shapes and sizes and can be made in square, rectangular, round, hexagon, and other fun shapes. The square or rectangular afghans can be crocheted all in one piece from the bottom up; or in strips or squares.

When making an afghan from strips or squares, the strips or squares are usually crocheted and then they are simply attached one to the other by sewing them together by hand using the same yarn.

The squares can also be joined by crocheting them together; this is usually done during the last round of the square as the squares are being crocheted. Circular motifs can also be crocheted together to make an afghan.

Round, and hexagon shaped afghans are started with a small circle and worked around in circles, increasing the amount of stitches in each round so that the afghan will lay nice and flat.

No matter which method one uses, the colors can be switched up in order to create stripes, squares, circles or other designs within the afghan pattern.

You can use any kind of yarn to make beautiful afghans, such as cotton, wool, or other synthetic yarns. The thicker the yarn, the faster the afghan will work up.

Most crocheted afghans require a lot of yarn to complete. But, if making them using squares, or if using different colors, they can be made using leftover yarns from other crocheted projects. The main thing to remember here though is not to mix different kinds, or different brands of yarn into one afghan. This is simply because some yarns are thicker and stronger than others and by mixing them up, the not-so-strong yarns would simply rip, or wear out faster than the strong.


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