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Crocheted Snowmen Bags

Updated on November 8, 2016

Snowmen Gift Bags

Snowmen Gift Bags
Snowmen Gift Bags

Snowmen Gift Bag Pattern

I am a novice at writing a crochet pattern. I wanted to make some crocheted gift bags, but could not find a pattern I liked. Many of them were to fit bottles, so they were long and slim. That is not what I wanted. In searching for crocheted gift bag patterns, I found many patterns for ornaments, but not exactly what I wanted either, so I created my own pattern. The pattern is my own and should be easy to follow.

Crochet Hook: H

Yarn Weight: Worsted weight white for the snowman, various color(s) for the scarf

Buttons to complete snowman


R1: With white, chain 26

R2: sc in second chain from hook and across, 25 sc

R3-R16: sc in each sc across

R17: Change to color for scarf, sc in 25 sc across and ch11 sc

R18: sc in second ch from hook and across, 35 sc

R19-R20: sc in each sc across, 35 sc

R21: Change to white, sc in 25 sc across

R22-R30: sc in each sc across, 25 sc

End with white

Sew buttons in place as shown

Crochet the front and back together with white

At the top, attach same color as scarf and sc around the top for R1

R2-R3: sc around the top in scarf color, 50 sc

R4: ch 4, skip one sc, double crochet in next stitch, ch 1, repeat around the top, joining with slip stitch in 3rd chain of first double

R5-R7: sc in each double crochet and ch across; end

For drawstring: ch 76 in scarf color for R1

R2: sc in second ch from hook and across, 75 sc; end


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  • parkdalear profile image

    parkdalear 6 months ago from Broken Arrow, OK

    I have enjoyed creating these snowmen bags. They work up fairly quickly and allow for creativity in choice of buttons for features on the snowmen.

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