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Crocheting Ideas: 7 Ways to Use Crochet Flowers

Updated on June 7, 2012
Crochet Flower Brooch
Crochet Flower Brooch | Source

Crocheted Flowers Are A Perfect Accessory

Spring is the perfect time to get your yarn and hook out. Visit your local yarn store for lots of brightly dyed yarn. Find a nice spot in the sun and start crocheting some lovely flowers. Use nature as your guide. You can add your flowers to a number craft projects. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Crochet Flowers for Hats

Add one or more crochet flowers to a hat. You can even add a couple of leaves if you wish. If your hat is for a little girl try adding some bows or color buttons to the center.

2. Crochet Flowers for Headbands

Crochet flowers are a perfect addition to a headband. Buy a rainbow of flowers and headbands for an unlimited fashion arsenal.

3. Crochet Flowers as Brooches

Convert your crocheted flowers into brooches by adding a piece of felt and a pin to the back.

4. Crochet Flowers as Magnets

Smaller flowers make great magnets. Just add some hot glue to the back of a round magnet and add it to the back of your flower.

5. Crochet Flowers for Jewelry

Crochet a long chain adding a flower to the center for a necklace. Crochet a band of flowers for a bracelet. Use thread and a steel crochet hook to make a tiny flower for a ring. Small flowers can also be used in earrings.

6. Crochet Flowers as Decorations

Having a garden party or tea party? Crochet flowers make great decorations. Add them to a swag banner or place them as is on the table. Decorate a gift with flowers for an extra handmade touch.

7. Crochet Flowers as Pencil or Pen Toppers

Many people top their pens and pencils with silk flowers. Use crochet flowers instead. You can make a dozen rolled crochet roses; add them to your pens and place in a nice vase for a teacher’s gift.

How I Use Crochet Flowers:

I use them as appliques on sweaters. What about a large flower as an area rug? A stuffed daisy flower might be nice as a pillow. Crochet a set of flower coasters to save your table from stains. Sewing a bunch of flowers together will make a fashionable scarf. Flowers also make a great add on to barrettes.

Flowers work up quickly and are a great way to use up small balls of yarn. Do you have any ideas? I’m sure you can come up with seven more ways to use crochet flowers.

Readers Ideas for Crocheted Flowers

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