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Cross Fountain Pens

Updated on September 23, 2011

Best Fountain Pens

Cross Fountain Pens: A History

There are few names in the fountain pen industry that are as well respected as AT Cross. This storied company has taken generations of Americans and introduced them to some of the finest writing instruments in the world. In fact, AT Cross is the oldest and longest-running manufacturer of writing instruments in America. Based out of Rhode Island since 1847, the Cross family has a history filled with triumph and courage that shows in the designs and styles of their world renowned and popular pen line.

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The Beginning

Interestingly enough, the Cross family didn’t start out producing world famous pens. Instead they started by creating pencil cases made of gold and silver. An item that was affordable to only the wealthy in that time. Quickly seeing the popularity of their product, they expanded their designs and created cases for items other then pens and pencils, including cigars. This continued on for some time until the early 1870’s, when Alonzo Cross decided it was time to start tinkering with a pen that would be reliable and durable.

A Pen Champion

Alonzo Cross faded into history after an amazing career that credits him with 25 patents related to pens and pencils. His designs and styles pushed other pen companies in other countries to break neck paces of development just to keep up. His two most famous inventions are the stylographic pen and the mechanical pencil. In fact, his design for the mechanical pencil is the same that is used today by hundreds of other companies.

Cross Fountain Pen Review

The Stylographic Pen

His greatest achievement, however, are his innovations in the world of pens. His stylographic pen is a much sought after writing instrument that is loved by collectors everywhere. It was one of the first pens that was able to write push through to create carbon copies. It was also one of the first pens to use a split nib to transfer the ink to the paper. At the time, this pen was so new and exciting and so reliable that the post office mandated that all their employees use it for work.

Cross or Montblanc

In the world of fine fountain pens Montblanc and Cross rule. If you had your choice, which would it be?

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Continuing Tradition

Nowadays, the AT Cross company has its hands in a number of pen lines including soft-tip, ballpoint and rollerball. They are considered, by far, one of the most reliable companies in the field today. No matter what they do though, they will always be known for their imaginative and stylistic fountain pens that continue to thrill collectors and ordinary users alike.


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