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Cross Stitch Kits for Kids and Beginners

Updated on May 23, 2011

Cross Stitch Kits for Kids and Beginners

 When you first start cross stitching nothing will put you off quicker than an overly complicated design ~ which is why cross stitch kits for kids are so great.

Cross stitch is the art of creating patterns and designs on fabric using a stitch in the shape of a cross. While it is possible to go 'freestyle' with your designs, most designs are made following a pattern which is a counted cross stitch pattern or a stamped cross stitch pattern.

With counted cross stitch the fabric to be cross stitched is blank and you count the stitches to know where you are i.e. a line might contain 10 black, 3 white and 2 red. Stamped patterns have the picture printed onto the fabric making it easy to follow the pattern.

Both are available as options for kids kits and both have advantages. The stamped patterns are very easy to follow so make great cross stitch kits for beginners, while the counted cross stitch kits have the advantage that you can change the selected color scheme of the design should you so wish.

Dimensions Cross Stitch Kits

 Dimensions make a set of really lovely cheap cross stitch kits, each measuring 3" across. They are small enough to be completed quickly so a child doesn't get bored, but detailed enough to provide a real 'I made that' feeling on completed.

Choose from either the stamped or counted cross stitch versions in wonderful designs such as Cute Kitty, Friendly Frog or Rock Star.

More Kids Cross Stitch Kits

If you want something that is still at beginner level but slightly more challenging there are more kids cross stitch kits to choose from.

The Cross Stitch Craft Work Kit is still beginner level but contains templates for a handbag and coasters. There are a couple of very pretty heart designs that can be made as well as a couple of butterflies fluttering around waiting for you.

Finally what cross stitch collection would be complete without a Disney Princess in its midst. The cross stitch itself is a simple flower pattern and comes with a die cut Disney Princess to attach at the end.


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