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Cross Stitch Wedding Samplers

Updated on July 9, 2011

Cross Stitch Wedding Samplers

 Cross stitch wedding samplers make the perfect personalized wedding present that will last forever.

Cross stitch is an elegant art form, beloved of generations through the ages, and involves creating delicate patterns and pictures from hundreds of tiny 'cross stictches'.

Simply put a cross stitch sampler is a collection of samples of a cross stitchers work, i,e, cross stitch letter patters and motifs. Today however the term is more usually used to describe a piece of cross stitch that has been created for a specific occasion ~ such as a cross stitch wedding sampler.

The range of cross stitch wedding sampler kits available today include cute designs such as teddy bears or cats, designs centered around words or phrases, pretty floral themes and more modern designs such as outlines of the wedding dress.

 Many of the design elements contained within a cross stitch wedding sampler can be broken down into smaller parts and used as designs for cross stitch wedding invitations or cross stitch wedding cards.

Imagine how delighted a bride would be to receive a really personal touch such as a cross stitch wedding card plus a matching sampler. 

Cute Cross Stitch Wedding Samplers

For those who love cute and romantic characters such as teddy bears or cats, what could be lovelier than a wedding sampler depicting these.

Or for more modern couples how about a depiction of the bride and groom or their wedding attire.

Name and Word Based Cross Stitch Wedding Samplers

 The more traditional cross stitch wedding sampler patterns are based around names of those getting married, the date of the nuptials and often a quote or selection of words specifically related to a marriage.

This kind of sampler varies in style from quite geometric in design to those which use pretty florals and pastel colors.

The one thing they all have in common though is a reflection through their design of the sanctity of marriage.

Other Cross Stitch Wedding Sampler Items

 If you're looking for a bit more inspiration, how about a book of cross stitch wedding sampler patterns? This can be especially good if you want to find a theme you can run though from your sampler into other items such as cross stitch wedding invitations.

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