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Cupcakes for kids

Updated on March 11, 2013

Creative Art's Lesson for toddlers

There are many arts & craft classes that only accept kids above 3yrs old. I feel that the child is losing out on the opportunity to take part in creative play. As a result my boys and I have been doing some art & crafts at home on the weekend.

I have modified the tasks to make it more toddler friendly and less messy. We used squeeze bottles( the one that is used for ketchup at Dinners) to store pre-mixed coloured butter cream. They enjoyed themselves squeezing the cream out onto the pre-made cupcakes and decorating them with store bought chocolates and sweets.

By doing this activity the kids get to practice their fine motor skills and learn about decoration and arrangement. They also learn how to follow instructions and do things step by step.

If you want to read more about the other art & craft activities that we do hop on to my website- From Dominique's Desk


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