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Curious George Paper Dolls Enhance Storytime at Home for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Updated on September 13, 2017

My First Memory of a Literary Character

I am in my mid 50s and my earliest memory of a literary character is of Curious George. Something inside me still leaps everytime I see that bright yellow book cover, the little brown monkey, and the man in the yellow hat. My mother read several books about Curious George to my brothers and I over and over. She says that we never grew tired of listening to the stories and looking at the pictures.

Who is Curious George?

Curious George started his journey in 1941 at the hand of Margret and H.A. Rey, the author and illustrator of the books about him.

He was a monkey who lived in Africa and was brought to the United States by the man in the yellow hat. George was very eager to know about everything. Upon Curious George's investigations he would find himself in many funny situations that sometimes got him in trouble with the man in the yellow hat.

Curious George the Paper Doll

Along with the many books about Curious George there is a paper doll book. George is the paper doll and the book is filled with outfits from many of George's adventures. The outfits were designed by Kathy Allert and published by Dover Publications, Inc.

Once cut out, toddlers and preschoolers enjoy dressing Geoge in his many outfits. The outfits that are based on one of his stories aid children in recalling the story and in retelling the story. Both are vital skills for pre-reading and reading. Other outfits that are derived from Kathy Allert's imagination invite children to make up and tell their own stories about Curious George.

The outfits provide a foundation for asking and answering questions about Curious George and his many adventures. The outfits include clothing that people from other countries wear, clothing that athelets wear, clothing that people wear to work, and clothing that people wear when participating in different activities. This variety of outfits opens the door for discussions about history, geography, occupations, and so much more.

I have noticed a deeper interest in the Curious George books by older children because they want to play with the paper dolls. They want to go back and read the story or hear the story again so that they can accurately retell the story with the paper dolls. Older children want to write new stories about Curious George using the paper dolls.

You can purchase "Curious George Paper Dolls in Full Color" on Dover's website

Using the paper dolls to enhance developing a rewarding learning experience with children especially toddlers and preschooler has been a highlight for me when reading with children.

Did you play with paper dolls as a child?

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