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Custom Printed T-Shirts With Vintage And Retro Designs

Updated on January 20, 2010
Tie-dyed shirts from the seventies
Tie-dyed shirts from the seventies

The evolution of artworks on custom printed t-shirts is interesting to behold. The number of colors and the complexity of design match the technology available during that period. However, the quality and creativity remain unaffected.

The level of creativity and quality seen in printed t-shirts during the 60s is as good as the artwork done by modern t-shirt printing artists. Vintage designs, in particular, are remarkable because they used only basic t-shirt printing methods and materials. Computers were stile uncommon that time.

Curvy Ladies and Muscle Cars On Custom Printed T-Shirts

The classic image of a curvy blonde with long legs, red lips and wavy hair sitting on the hood of a muscle car is often seen on vintage printed t-shirts. Most popular among men and boys are printed t-shirts with muscle car designs—Pontiac GTO, Plymouth Road Runner or Ford Torino.

The Ford Mustang and the Pontiac Firebird are not muscle cars, but pony cars. Pony cars also have a sporty image, but they are more lightweight and smaller than muscle cars. Many custom printed t-shirts also feature these pony cars since they are also as popular as the muscle cars.

The male fascination with high-speed vehicles and beautiful women continues with these vintage designs on custom printed t-shirts. The setting is commonly a drag race with the cars burning the tarmac and flags waving them away to the finish.

Famous Pop Culture Icons On Vintage And Retro Custom Printed T-Shirts

Cartoons are favorite sources for design inspiration by t-shirt printing artists. Classic animation characters like Astroboy and Voltes V are popular prints for vintage printed t-shirts. Aside from cartoons, vintage pop icons also include famous actors, musicians and political personas.

Fans of these celebrities and cartoon series prefer to buy these kinds of printed t-shirts to show their admiration and support for them. Even those who are not really into them buy the t-shirts because they look cool.

Colors And Styles Of Vintage And Retro Custom Printed T-Shirts

Vintage and retro styles often use strange mixes of colors that somehow work well together despite being far apart in the color wheel. A mixed pattern of black, red, tan, light blue and aqua blue seems a wrong combination, but in printed t-shirts with vintage and retro designs, this type of color mix is often used.

Other unusual color matches include olive green, aqua green, yellow ecru, flesh and white. Another composition has red, orange, yellow, blue and navy blue in it.

More mixes of colors that do not follow conventional rules exist. The seventies and eighties, after all, are periods of rebellion; times when rules were broken and new ones made.

Screen printing vintage designs of classic cartoons and retro pop icons on custom printed t-shirts often use these color matches. The inks were applied with a more solid coverage on the printed t-shirt's fabric.


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