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DIY Dollhouse Food

Updated on May 9, 2012

Putting together your own dollhouse can not only be great fun, but can also be a very creative endeavour. Many people who love dollhouses are fans of them for this exact reason - you can buy a kit which allows for you to decorate as you wish, you can buy dolls which need their hair and clothes added for them, you can select each piece of furniture to match the image in your head of what your little abode should look like. There are also other ways in order to use your creative skills for your dolls house, though, and this one is not only great fun, but it is also easy and allows room for you to extend on your talents! Creating food is a great way to get to grips with making things for your dollhouse with polymer clay and, with time and practice, you may be able to make more intricate things to add, too!


Making your own dollhouse food is great for a wide variety of different houses with different layouts; if you have a kitchen, for example, then food will be a fantastic final touch. A plate of cookies on the coffee table can be a great addition, also. A pie cooling on the windowsill - the opportunities are endless! I got so excited about how my miniature food was turning out that I re-arranged all of my rooms, creating a new bakery and sweet shop on the bottom floor to ensure that I would never run out of ideas for what to make next!

Miniature food doesn't just have to live inside your dollhouse, however - many people have taken these tiny tummy-fillers and turned them into pieces of jewellery. Many rings with plates of food can be found, as well as earrings and necklaces based around different foodstuffs! In fact, you can drop the 'miniature' and make full-sized replicas of small foods for jewellery, such as biscuits, cookies or small cupcakes!

What To Use

To make miniature food, polymer clay is the best material. This is reminiscent of modelling dough that children use to make small sculptures, however, it is a little firmer and your creations can be permanent rather than ending up squashed back into the tub. Fimo is a popular brand of polymer clay which comes in blocks of a variety of different colours. Once you have moulded exactly what you want you use an oven to bake your designs in order to make them solid, meaning that you can put them into your dollhouse and show them off.


Some Easy Foods To Make

One miniature food that is simple to make is sausage rolls. These can look fantastic in the kitchen, in bakeries or displayed on tables. To create these, firstly mix the colours that you will need - a beige (brown, yellow and white) and a light pink (red or bright pink and white). Once you have done this, roll the pink clay into a very thin sausage shape and create a long, flat shape with the beige. From here, place the pink on top of the beige and carefully roll it up inside. If you find that your sausage roll is too circular, squash it slightly on the top to shape it. Once you have done this, you can score a couple of lines into the top of the beige section to make it look more like a real pastry and bake in the oven according to the times given by your polymer clay brand.


Another simple food to make is pies! You can make pies of all different types with this method, whether they are sweet or savoury. You will need a metal bottle top in order to do this, such as a beer bottle top, for example. The ridged edges of these serve fantastically as a pie case, giving the perfect shape for your miniature pie. Thinking of the process to make a normal pie may help you to picture how to create these. First, you will line the pie dish with the 'pastry' - create a beige colour for this. Cut around the edge of the bottle top pie case to get rid of any excess over the top. Now, you will need to fill your pie. You can create, for this, whatever you would like - small brown chunks to look like steak and kidney, red balls to resemble cherry - you can use your creativity to think of whatever pies you would like for your dollhouse! Once you have filled the pie case, create a crust. An easy way to do this is to use another bottle top as a cutter in another piece of beige clay. Once you have done this, cut a small 'slice' from this section before adding it to the top of your pie case, so that you can see the filling! You can then add pucker marks in the centre of your pie to make it look more realistic or, if you have created a sweet pie, add salt before glossing to look like sugar (salt is much finer than sugar, thus will look better because of the fact that the pie is scaled down).

There are plenty of easy foods to make, and just playing around with polymer clay is a good way to create new ideas for foods that you can create for your dollhouse!


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