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DIY Eye Mask Tutorial for Sleep or Parties

Updated on July 27, 2015

Make Your Own Mask!

I couldn't find a decent looking eye mask on the market. They were all too small, boring or didn't last long. This template covers 3/4 of my face and with the added batting, it is comfortable for maximum shut eye. Eye masks are great for regular nights, for travelling or for parties. It helps get you restful sleep which is imperative for health and maintaining weight. Since I used it, my quality of sleep has been through the roof. It is also suitable for costume parties, especially for Halloween.

DIY Oh Deer! Sleeping Eye Mask


Materials Needed

Paper Mask for Parties

1 printable template of your choice (Print on card stock or regular printer paper)

1 colour printer

A pair of scissors

Hot glue gun and hot glue

A piece of flat elastic (length from ear to ear plus 2 inches

Sleeping Mask

1 printable template of your choice (regular printer paper)

1 printer (colour is preferably but not a must)

A pair of scissors

Various colour felt

Sewing machine with co-ordinating thread or needle/thread for hand sewing

Hot glue gun and hot glue

Tailor's chalk

A piece of flat elastic (length from ear to ear plus 2 inches)

Fabric for the back piece (same size as face cut-out plus 1 inch all around)

Any material that is soft, comfortable will do. Cotton, velvet, muslin, flannel for example.

Batting for the middle (same size as face cut-out plus 1 inch all around)

4 Different Mask Designs


Tutorial for Owl, Racoon, Dear & Fox Eye Mask

This eye mask tutorial is suitable for all ages, easy to do and looks oh so cute! Let's get started!

Step 1 Plug in your hot glue gun to preheat it. There are 4 design templates to choose from - Owl, Racoon, Fox and Deer. Choose your design HERE. Download the PDF onto your computer and print in out in colour. (Grayscale printing is OK for the sleep mask)

Step 2 ( For the paper version, skip to Step 6) Choose the colour of your felt for the various parts. If you do not have existing felt, bring a copy of the print out to the store as a size guide. Go green and take a screen shot of the coloured version along. In addition, you would need white for the eyes and black for the pupils.

Step 3 Use the face cut-out as the template for your back piece. Use tailor's chalk to trace it onto your felt and your fabric on the wrong side. Cut out 1/2 inch all around both pieces. Trace the rest of the cut-outs onto the different coloured felt. Make sure you are using the right side of the template, coloured side facing upwards at all times. A tip is to lay all the cut-outs in the shape of the face and replace carefully when you are done.

Different Parts of the Oh Deer! Eye Mask

Blackilocks partner with existing non-profits to empower families (low income, illness, disability) via a flexible work from home model.
Blackilocks partner with existing non-profits to empower families (low income, illness, disability) via a flexible work from home model. | Source

Sew Far So Good

Step 4 With the right sides facing together and batting on top of the back fabric, sew all around on the chalk mark. Leaving a notch on both sides (right above your ears), wide enough to fit your elastic. Leave a 2 inch opening at the bottom. Insert elastic into the 2 notches and pin. A tip is to stretch the elastic a little to determine the right length, it needs to be tight but comfortable. The length of the elastic should be between the felt and fabric with only the sides showing. Triple stitch around the elastic to make it more durable. Cut the entire piece to size, leaving 1/4 inch on all sides. This makes for a neater finish later.

Step 5 Flip it inside out. Use a blunt slim object like a chopstick to making sure all edges and curves are visible. Be careful not to poke through your fabric. Pin the bottom opening and sew all around. Cut out black felt for the pupils.

Back View of Eye Mask


Almost done!

Step 6 Cut out all the parts on the template. You can use harder card stock or print out more copies and layer it on to make the paper mask more sturdy. Just make sure your card stock is white so the colour shows through.

Step 7 Glue on the different parts as shown. A tip is to leave certain parts like the edge of the eyebrow, top of the bow and lower part of the nose free. This will make the design look more 3 dimensional.

Tada, you are done! Using co-ordinating thread, you can also sew down the different parts.

Other Items I Made


Customised Eye Mask

If you are looking for eye mask options, the steps to making the ones above are pretty much the same. Except you would have to make a casing for the elastic. You can check out my social enterprise called Blackilocks HERE. There is also an Inflatable Pillow with Removable Cover and a Travel Blanket to make it a full set. You can choose from over 50 kinds of imported fabric. All items come with optional name embroidery to personalise it even further. Support handmade artisans for a good cause, why not?

For crazy good artisan market display ideas, go HERE.

To choose a domain name, go HERE.

© 2015 Min


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