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DIY Maxi Dress

Updated on November 26, 2014

Why DIY?

Anyone can walk into a store and buy a dress. People do it all the time. Heck, even though I sew I still do, but sometimes it is nice to have an original item hanging in your closet that you created yourself. Check out the tutorials below and see which Maxi Dress you might want to try making for yourself.

Paper Bag Waist Maxi Dress: If you're still new to the world of sewing this may be just the dress for you. Start with an existing tank, add some pretty fabric, tie on a sash and you have a super cute maxi that you created all by yourself.

One Seam Maxi: This one is also perfect for beginners. It only has one seam. You got that right, the fabric comes pre shirred, so you have to do is sew one seam to create a tube. Easy peasy!

Kimono Maxi Dress: I know some ladies out there might like something a little more modest that doesn't show as much skin, for them this is perfect.

Boho Maxi Dress: This is very similar to the one above, but still cute enough to check out!

Hint of Vintage Maxi Dress: Once you've moved beyond the beginning stages of sewing you might want to try out this super cute tutorial. it involves a little more sewing than the others, but it is still simple.

Easiest Maxi Ever: This drawstring style dress is super simple, cute and can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Drawstring Waist Maxi Dress: You can't go wrong with the easy, breezy dress! Strapless, and a little drawstring to cinch it it. PERFECTION!

Romantic Ruffles Maxi: This is the perfect girly, yet comfy maxi dress. Long, loose and flowing with a gorgeous ruffled top!

Vintage Sheet to Maxi Dress: Sometimes vintage sheets have the cutest patterns, so why not use this cute pattern and a sheet of your choosing to make your perfect dress for summer.

Impossibly Easy Boho Maxi Dress: Strapless and long and loose with a ruffle....perfect for summer! This is a boho chic wardrobe staple.

Stripe Play Maxi Dress: Have fun with stripes when you create this cute maxi dress.

Tea Rose Dress: This may be a project for the more advanced sewer, but if you are brave enough to try it out the potential results are fabulous.

Have Fun!

I hope you enjoy looking through these tutorials and choosing one for your next project. Don't forget, these tutorials are guidelines, they show you the basic instructions, but you have fun choosing the fabric and embellishments.


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