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Dangerous Selfies

Updated on January 17, 2018
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Ruth, a.k.a. Elayne Kongaika, was raised in the orchard town of Orem, Utah. She married a Polynesian and has had amazing travel experiences.

Selfies Can Kill

In the first half of 2015, more than ten people died, and more than a hundred people were injured taking crazy selfies just in Russia. Crazy pictures include portraits of people hanging from buildings, standing on railroad tracks, balancing on the dividing line of a busy highway, and posing with wild animals like lions and tigers. Can you imagine how many there are if you consider all over the world?

Guidelines Necessary

In fact, the problem has become so bad that the Russian Interior Ministry has issued a list of guidelines for taking a safe selfie. These guidelines, not too surprisingly, include warnings such as "don't take a selfie with a loaded gun," "don't take a selfie while standing in front of a lion," and, ""don't take a selfie from a very high place" amongst others.

You are probably thinking, "What would make a young person want to take such a dangerous picture?" Notoriety, fame, likes, hits, and stupidity come to mind.

What can we do to prevent such tragedies from occurring? Not much if they have a death wish.

A Worldwide Epidemic

The problem of people taking dangerous selfies is not solely a Russian one. A 21-year-old person in Spain was electrocuted while taking a selfie on top of a train.

A couple from Poland fell off a cliff trying to take the perfect selfie while their five and six-year-old children watched in horror.

In another incident, a young Mexican shot himself in the head trying to take a selfie while inebriated. He must have pushed the wrong button - duh!

An American woman died in a car accident caused by inattentive driving. She was posting a selfie of herself while listening to her favorite song on the car radio.

No doubt you have heard of many other incidents of a selfie gone wrong.

Guidelines for taking Selfies

  • Don't stand in traffic while taking a selfie.
  • Don't lean out of a moving vehicle to take a selfie.
  • Don't pose for a selfie with a loaded weapon (especially when drunk).
  • Don't climb on top of buildings, bridges, or other high places to take a selfie.
  • Don't pose for a selfie with lions, tigers or other dangerous animals.
  • Don't stand on railroad tracks to take a selfie.

Add your own guidline for taking selfies

I'm sure you could add your own guideline for taking selfies. Perhaps you know someone who has been hurt taking selfies, or perhaps you have put yourself in a dangerous situation while taking a selfie. Please add them in the comments.

When we traveled to Italy not long ago, it was illegal for people to sell selfie sticks to tourists. We witnessed first hand a police taking a selfie stick away from a tourist and busting it in half right after he purchased it, and then arresting the person who sold it to them.

Taking selfies has gotten quite out of hand around the world and in people's homes. They are posted on social media every day as a way of saying "look at me - aren't I grand?"

Those with self-esteem issues can become worse from daily viewing of these annoying selfies of people who post nearly daily photos of themselves. Come on, people!! Maybe they do deserve to get in an accident or worse!

Use Common Sense Whilst Taking Your Selfie

Most people that post dangerous selfies go to great lengths (literally) to get some views or likes on Facebook. Is it really worth risking your life while taking your own picture on top of a building, on the edge of a bridge, in the middle of the road, with a bear behind you or swimming with sharks? I guess to some it seems logical, but being reckless while taking selfies is bound to end up badly some of the time. Or just one time!!

I have to admit that the above video made me look away several times. For those with fear of heights, I am sure it is much worse. Sorry if it made you feel sick.

For those of us who take supposedly "safe" selfies, are we really taking into consideration our surroundings, what we are doing at the time, are we a threat to those around us or even a self-absorbed creep trying to show off before the world? Think before you post - if you want to just go climb on top of a building for the fun of it - go ahead - kill yourself on your own time, but don't post it and make others uncomfortable or jealous! What an amazing world we live in! Best of luck taking your selfies in the future.

Craziest selfies ever! These are some of the most epic extreme selfies of daredevils involving sharks, skyscrapers, trains, and more. Looks like people are making big money off of being stupid or at least finding people who have a mind to become famous while taking dangerous selfies.


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  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    19 months ago from Rocky Mountains

    @Kari Poulsen

    Glad to have you stop by my little hub and leave your thoughts. I hope we can all be a bit more careful while using our new technology. Thanks!

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    19 months ago from Rocky Mountains

    @Jaspal Singh

    I appreciate your interest in my hub. Safety first!

  • k@ri profile image

    Kari Poulsen 

    19 months ago from Ohio

    Seems everyone is looking for their 5 minutes of fame. I agree, is it really worth risking your life?! Kids really do not understand mortality in many instances. They always think it will happen to someone else.

  • Jaspals profile image

    Jaspal Singh 

    19 months ago from India / Australia

    Well explained article. People must take care of their lives while taking Selfies.

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    19 months ago from Rocky Mountains

    @D S Rehberg - a parachute would be a smart addition!

  • profile image

    D S Rehberg 

    19 months ago



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