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Make Your Own Dangle Gauge Earrings

Updated on September 22, 2015

Homemade 00g Dangle Earrings

These earrings I had made myself, along with some fascinators but that's separate topic. I used these earrings for my sisters wedding. I needed some earrings for 00 gauge ears but was running out of time to order off of ebay or amazon. But didn't want to pay the extremely over priced cost at a little kiosk in a mall. Especially when I knew I could have bought some for so much cheaper or made my own for even cheaper!

First off, head to the dollar store and get some cheap dangle earrings, hot glue gun/sticks of glue, glitter if you want (it hides the glue). I got some dangle earrings and a set of "diamond" studs from Walmart. I used some old 00g earrings, but you can order them on ebay as well for a few dollars.

  1. 00g plugs
  2. Dangle earrings
  3. Studs
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Glue sticks
  6. Nail file/Sand paper
  7. Glitter/Sparkles

Homemade Earring How To

  1. First I sanded down the face of the plugs to make them rougher so the glue stuck better.
  2. Then I clipped off the thin metal piece of the earrings so they were mostly flush.
  3. Heat up glue gun.
  4. Get everything ready in front of you, including glitter if you want. Because as soon as you get glue on the plugs you won't have a long time.
  5. After you have everything set up plan out what you want on first, I wanted the dangle first, put glitter over the glue, then stuck the stud in the middle after.
  6. Begin putting glue on the first earring and go as you planned, Dangle, Glitter, Stud.
  7. Then do the second.
  8. Let them rest and harden then wear away!

Beautiful Earrings

Let me know how yours turn out! It's so much cheaper to be able to make your own plus it's more unique. Put your own spin, share some ideas so we can all stop wasting our money on over priced earrings and jewellery.


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