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Dazzling, Light & Affordable: Acrylic Beads Have it All!

Updated on August 30, 2011

You'd Be Surprised What You Can Do!

Title: Snake Sculpture ~ Alex Da Corte ~ License Attribution License ~ Photographer: libbyrosof
Title: Snake Sculpture ~ Alex Da Corte ~ License Attribution License ~ Photographer: libbyrosof

Acrylic Beads Are Great For Jewelry and Crafts!

If you are looking for a really exciting and versatile material for beading, try acrylic beads. Acrylic is a very tough, yet beautiful type of plastic that is used in all kinds of applications. One of the most stunning applications is beading. Acrylic beads are sparkling and dynamic, and you can create truly dazzling, fun jewelry items using them.


Acrylic is as clear and as faultless as glass, which is why it is often used to create virtually unbreakable aquariums! Acrylic crystal beads present a truly beautiful degree of clarity and shine. For beaded jewelry that delivers lots of flash and sparkling allure coupled with enough durability for little girls and young teens, acrylic beads can’t be beat!


The colors you can choose in acrylic beads are truly marvelous. These beautiful beads come in a wide range of appealing colors so that you can create jewelry to complement any ensemble, match your nail polish, add dazzle to your clothing, create sparkling home accessories, and more. No matter what color you need, you are 99.9% certain to find it in acrylic beads.


Acrylic is such an easily molded and formed material, that beads can be created in an endless variety of shapes. If it can be imagined, it can be made of acrylic! From the standard crystals, hexagons, teardrops, oblong and round beads to innovative animal, celestial, and floral shaped charms (to name a few) you are sure to find something delightful and whimsical to help you create beautiful beaded jewelry.


Unlike glass or ceramic beads, lightweight, versatile acrylic beads can add loads of dazzle to your wardrobe without adding tons of weight! They are light and easy to work with and light and easy to wear. If you keep your beading supplies in a craft box to take with you, you’ll be happy you chose to work with acrylic beads!


Best of all, you won’t break the bank when you choose acrylic beads for your jewelry and craft projects. You can make luxurious, opulent, dazzling jewelry, accessories and decorations for pennies. You’ll be proud to wear and display the items you create, and your friends and relations will be thrilled with gifts made using acrylic beads.


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