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Decorating Your Home With Art Photography

Updated on July 20, 2011

Someone once told me that you can learn a lot about a person by what they hang on their walls. Decorating your home with photographs and paintings is not only a great way to spruce up a room, but it is also a great opportunity to reflect your personal tastes and your individual personality. Fine art photography is a very accessible art form and is an excellent choice in decorating your house. Photography provides a sense of realism that allows viewers to escape to real places and examine real people, animals, and objects. The following article focuses on how to decorate your home with fine art photography. But throughout all of my suggestions keep in mind that your home is yours and should express your preferences and tastes above all else.

Photography Themes

When deciding what photography to include in your home, it is often beneficial to decide upon a theme. For instance, in my bedroom, I chose to include fine art photography of monuments and cities from different countries. I also tailored my décor to include only black and white photographs in black frames because I felt that the black and white colors accented my red walls and the white trim.

Other photography themes to consider including in your home are images of people or of nature. I've seen many tree-themed photography collections that could accent any room. Water themes are also quite popular as are animal and insect photography themes. Other subject-oriented themes include places. Surrounding your home with images of your favorite country or city is an option to consider.

But you don't necessarily have to choose photographs based on the subject matter. You could also choose fine art photography based on color. For instance, pale yellows and light blues are common photo accents that many use in bathrooms and kitchens.

One more suggestion on photography themes: you can base your photography decorations on the room. In a kitchen, you could include photographs of food-related topics, or in playroom, you could include photographs of children. It is also important to remember that although I am speaking of including several photographs in one room, sometimes less is more. If you have a large print of a photograph, sometimes just the one image is enough to establish the décor of the area.

Thebeautyof fine art photography is its infusion of beauty with realistic images, which is never truer than when applied to whimsical photography. When I write whimsical photography, I refer to images that, through a variety of tricks and techniques, the photographer has captured that seem to defy normal laws of physics or accepted notions of normalcy. For instance, a photograph of a man in coattails and a top hat sitting in a tree or an image of a woman in ball gown standing on top of a roof. I've also seen beautiful photography in which people seem to be jumping a hundred feet in the air. Whimsical and unique photographs are not only beautiful, but are thought provoking as people question the unrealistic realism of the images.

Of course, when deciding on what images to include on the walls of your home or what theme to incorporate, it is always a good idea to take into consideration the wall color of a room as well as the surrounding furniture to ensure that the photographs complement and match the room well. Before framing a photo, sometimes it is a wise idea to tack the image to the wall for a day or two to ensure that you like the placement and location of the photograph.

How to Choose a Quality Photograph

Although many organizations claim to house quality photographers, some are better than others. No matter where you live, whether you're searching forfine art photography in Ontarioor in Mexico, the following suggestions will help find the best fine art photography provider in your area.

When looking through fine art photography collections, you should first judge your initial reaction. It doesn't matter if the photography meets all of the other following criteria if you don't really care for the photograph. Remember that you have to see this photograph everyday, so it's best that you choose an image you truly love.

Once you've decided that you like what see, then look to see if the photography highlights any unique features of the subject matter. What makes fine art photography different from snapshots taken by the layman is its focus on the different and often overlooked aspects of a place, person, or object. For instance, a photograph of an old decrepit building next to a brand new skyscraper could offer unique commentary on ancient and modern society. And an enlarged image of a caterpillar is unique in that it highlights a small, overlooked creature, making it seem more important and significant.

Part of emphasizing or highlighting something unique about the subject matter is closely tied to conveying some sort of statement. Every good photograph will have an interesting message tied to it, even if that message is simply to have fun or to relax. When viewing different photographs ask yourself what emotions the photograph portrays and what it makes you think about.

Also, be sure to examine all aspects of the photograph before choosing to purchase it. Contrary to typical snapshots, fine art photographs are created by careful control of the subject matter. Sometimes too many irrelevant images in the background prevent the photograph from adequately portraying its message or conveying its emotion. When examining the photograph, also evaluate the shades, tones, colors, and shadows. Is it a warm photograph or a cool one? What is the lighting like? And what kind of lines does the photograph incorporate? Ask yourself these questions while thinking of the room you would like to place the photograph in to make sure it would be a complementary addition to your décor.

No matter the subject of the photograph, fine art photography can provide an endless number of colors, emotions, and messages that speak volumes about your home as well as yourself. Photography is my favorite way to decorate a house and is perfect for someone looking for an accessible art form to not only showcase their rooms, but to also enhance the quality of life within their home.


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