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DIY Porcelain Fabric Softener

Updated on October 30, 2016
Decoration is normal porcelain shop
Decoration is normal porcelain shop | Source
Porcelain decoration made with fabric softener
Porcelain decoration made with fabric softener | Source

DIY Porcelain Fabric Softener

Today a way to express is basically in how we dress or what kind of accessories used, many of these types of decorations are found in large stores.

However fashion-related "DIY" (In all kinds of sense) it has a great impact, one of them has fallen completely to his servant.

Use porcelain or polymer clay is simply an art, but use them for confession sweet little miniature in order to adorn certain types of accessories is wonderful.

Although porcelain is very heavy indeed, and in a place like Chile is very difficult to find polymer clay. There is all-powerful grace of Ebay or Youtube to find some tutorial video on how to create a porcelain soft enough to not weigh much.

In my search I found a pretty good recipe, where the most common added a new element. Share with you this material in the hope they serve.


-Resistol (Professional or wood)
- And Our star ingredient !, any fabric softener.

The procedure is usual when creating cold porcelain in the microwave with the difference that when adding the hand cream and lemon, will be added two tablespoons of fabric softener.
Then it blended to add the same amount of starch and glue, once fully made one entity is passed to the microwave and every 30 seconds (depending on power) stir until acquiring a nice look like ice cream.
Allow to cool, without leaving it in the refrigerator and then simply amazarlo. You'll notice the difference gratifyingly !, apart from the smell so rich that will acquire, in turn perfectly noticing the difference.

I have done several times this technique, the third time was the charm and drying time I have left much softer and softer than normal porcelain. While also recommend the use of oil (if oil has given case) they are not recommend unless more espectos when have previously created porcelain.

Thank you very much, and I wish you a good accomplishment.


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