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Camping In The Gorge and Hiking In The Gorge Leads To Awesome Photos

Updated on October 8, 2017

Photo of Gorge In The Fall

Beautiful colorsi n the gorge in the Fall
Beautiful colorsi n the gorge in the Fall

How To Take Awesome Gorge Photos

Take some time to learn how to take some awesome gorge photos by studying the sunlight and the shadows before snapping the picture. And maybe take some supplies to help come up with those wonderful photos. By supplies, I mean a good camera, a telephoto lens and a tripod. The following hub shows some awesome gorge photos that I was able to capture while hiking in the gorge. Depending on the season, there always seems to be a special sight that I'll see that I didn't see before. And seasons make such a huge difference in the appearance of the the water, the trees and just everything around.

In the gorge near my house in Chautauqua County New York, it is not too hard to map out. It's easy to stay on track and not get lost. Be sure to find a map or take someone familiar with the area so as not to get lost in the gorge while hiking.

Tunnel In The Gorge

Tunnel in the gorge
Tunnel in the gorge
Small waterfall
Small waterfall

Fishing in the Gorge

Fisherman in the gorge
Fisherman in the gorge

Fresh Snowfall In The Gorge

Winter in the gorge
Winter in the gorge

Coming Out Of The Gorge

walking out of the gorge
walking out of the gorge

What To Bring When Going Camping In The Gorge

Camping in the gorge can be a fantastic and adventurous experience. It's something about the woods and the sound of running water that makes it so peaceful. It is important to know what to bring when going camping in the gorge to make the trip the best it can be. Always make sure to have your camera if one of your goals is to get some great pictures. Also, a tent, flashlight, backpack filled with supplies for your overnight stay. Those supplies should include food and water, garbage bags, jackknife.

If I could take you along to camp or go on a hike in the gorge with me I would but since I can't I will do the next best thing by showing you what you would see if you were with me. If I went in the summer, you would see the deep green leaves, in Autumn the beautiful colors, in Spring the beginning of color and in winter the crisp, white glimmer of snow on the trees and in near the water.

Gorge Camping, and Gorge Fishing

There are several activities that people find to do in the gorge. Gorge Camping, gorge fishing, gorge hiking and gorge photo taking are just a few. Many people search for the gorge waterfalls and go birdwatching. Others look for rocks and plants.

It's nice to live around a beautiful gorge.

Chautauqua Gorge


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    • malonge profile image

      malonge 6 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages

      Thank you. I love the three out of four of the seasons and even though snow is beautiful at times, I could live without it.

    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 6 years ago from United States

      Such a beautiful place. You are reminding me I need to take a walk in our park near the lake. We don't often get snow but should have some fall colors coming soon. Voted up and beautiful!