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Desert Crossroads Afghan Crochet Pattern

Updated on November 10, 2012

This afghan is easy to make and will make a stunning addition to your decor. It can be used in the bedroom as an extra blanket or decoration across the foot of your bed. Or you can use it in the living room to cover up while watching tv. The stitching is easy and can be done while watching a movie or talking on the telephone. But, no matter where you decide to stitch it up, it will make a lovely handmade item for you to keep or give as a gift.


7 skeins Lion Brand Homespun Painted Desert

Size J-10 Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle

Narrow piece

Make two of these.

Chain 36.

Row 1: Double crochet in 4th chain from hook (beginning chain counts as first double crochet) and in each chain across-34 double crochets.

Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as double crochet), turn, double crochet in each stitch across.

Repeat row 2 until piece measures 48 inches. Tie off and cut yarn.

Large middle piece

With the right side of the piece facing you, join yarn with a slip stitch in one corner.

Row 1: Chain 3 (counts as double crochet), work double crochet evenly spaced across long edge of narrow piece.

Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as double crochet), turn, double crochet in each st across.

Rows 3-30: Rep Row 2. Tie off and cut yarn

Using a whip stitch, sew second narrow piece to the other side of the wide piece, as seen in the picture.


In one corner, join the yarn to the piece with a slip stitch. Single crochet around the entire piece, putting 3 single crochets in each corner. Chain 1 and reverse single crochet back around the entire piece. Tie off and cut yarn.


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  • Myfanwy profile image

    Myfanwy 5 years ago from Tennessee, USA

    You are very welcome! I made this for my family reunion. We have an auction to help defer the cost of the site. Everyone loved it and asked me to make another next year. It really is easy. And, as you can see, turns out great!

  • JulieStrier profile image

    JulieStrier 5 years ago from Apopka, FL

    That pattern looks neat. It's also appealing because you don't have to count 140+billion stitches before turning your work to count them again. (Which is why I stick to granny square patterns for blankets, less counting). Thanks for sharing!