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Design Your Own Musician Website

Updated on August 21, 2014

An Example Music Website for Artists

Website Creation Method 2

Another way to create your own website for you or your band is my doing it by hand. This is the way that professional web designers that charge you thousands of dollars to create a website do it. Now there is a big reason why web designs charge you so much money. They have to take secondary education such as college and develop a natural skill for designing as well.

I'm not saying that you won't be able to do this but it may take some time to get good. But I will also give you resources on this page that you can use to get started.

Website Creation Method 1

You can easily create a website if you use an online tool such as TuneFreak. Services like TuneFreak of value to create a website quickly within about 15 minutes. The way they do this is by allowing you to type in which you want to show up on your webpage which is a very simple process. You can also add pictures, music, tour dates and other important information that you think should appear on your website.

In addition you can also display videos such as YouTube or Vimeo videos right on your website that you have just created. Videos and other types of media are very pleasing to website visitors as they were watch them and take a look at them.

Which Way Will You Do It?

Now that I've explained the different ways one can create their own music website which will you choose?

It all boils down to time, experience and willpower basically. If you venture out to create your own website that me tell you ahead of time that is going to take you about eight weeks to design something that looks great if you are a complete novice. Now musicians are already busy and this amount time would really kill there already busy schedule, so it's not surprising to see that a lot of musicians actually choose to go the easier route which is to use an online tool.

Online tools are not a bad way to get started especially if the service you choose is able to scale your website with you as you grow. For instance, a good musician website creation service will allow you to not only get started by creating a robust website but also will be able to grow with you by converting that site into a completely custom website one day when you have the budget for one.

There are many services online that will allow you to create a website but you need to be careful because many of those services do not allow for future expansion like I was just explaining.

Another Awesome Website for a Musician

WordPress compatible themes / templates for artists
WordPress compatible themes / templates for artists

Have a Website?

Have Your Own Website?

See results

The Benefits of Having a Website

There are literally tons and tons of benefits associated with having a website on Internet.

Think of it this way, there are literally thousands of new users coming on to the Internet and visiting websites each and every day. This means that there are even more eyeballs able to visit yours! Now having visitors is one thing but generating sales of your albums, MP3s, clothing and other merchandise is another one. Which leads me to my next point......

An official musician website can generate cash flow if you have visitors.

This is both true and a huge positive influence of people such as yourself as well as me to create great-looking websites, no matter the means. I'm not in the music industry as an artist but you are, quite possibly and that means that you potentially already have a large fan base. By already have an established fan base you can use that leverage to your advantage by telling your fan base about your website. Doing this you'll be able to turn those fans and customers which can help you on your dream to success.

Another Beautiful Website for Music

Theme / Template with SoundCloud & YouTube video support
Theme / Template with SoundCloud & YouTube video support | Source

Other Benefits of Having a Website

There even more benefits to having a website for your music business.

Musician websites can have features such as email newsletters that able to be mailed to those subscribed on an interval basis. For example, I can set up 30 emails to be sent out with them being sent every other day to someone that is a subscriber. This means that once you sign up every other day you will receive an email from me that appears like I just took the time to write it and send it to you.

This website feature alone is very powerful as it can:

  • keep you in communication with your fans
  • sell your music/merchandise
  • get plays on websites such as YouTube and SoundCloud

Awesome Design for Musicians

Another great website design for musicians
Another great website design for musicians

Online Site Builders Make It Easy

At the End of the Day

It really all depends on the experience level you have with computers and designing websites. If you do not have any experience with either of these and do not feel like spending the time to learn in advance then you should use a tool that makes it easy for you.

Some services that offer these web design tools for musicians usually have some type of free plan that one can use to get started.

Had to Show You One More Music Template

Blue colored theme for a music site
Blue colored theme for a music site | Source

Create Your Official Musician Site Now!

Now all you need to do is make a choice and go with it. You have an objective, building your own musician website. Now it's time to go ahead and get that taken care of:

Site Builder Online Tool Method

TuneFreak - Websites for Musicians


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