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Design a Beautiful Handmade Photo Frame

Updated on March 26, 2018

Beach Sunset Photo

Beach Sunset Photo
Beach Sunset Photo | Source

How To Make Your Own Unique Photo Frame Gift

Photographs tend to be some of our most treasured earthly possessions. They are passed down from generation to generation; they remind us of sweet memories of people who we care about. You can design your own handmade photo frame, either for your home décor as a fine art print, or a personalized gift for a loved one.

There are so many ways to display photos and make photo gifts to share as well as finding decorating suggestions with fine art photography ideas. A related idea that you can use your own photographs would be to produce your own family heirloom recipe book that can be a real treasure for many generations to come.

Many forms are digital these days, but today we’ll look at some ways to create unique, beautiful photo frames to display your favorite photos in your home. They are perfect gifts for the person who is difficult to buy for, because they have everything. Of course you can also opt for great low-priced special gifts you can make at home, as possible solutions too.

Purchase a plain photo frame that appeals to you. Try to find one that has some flat surface area around it.

You now want to try to come up with some type of a theme for your photo frame. For example, if it was a Hawaiian vacation photo, you may want a Hawaiian themed frame. Look for small items that represent Hawaii, perhaps the little drink umbrellas, a few shells, a couple lei flowers, you get the idea.

Don’t overlook scrap booking supplies for components, these would be perfect. The same goes with finding small charms and other miniature items.

Take a blank piece of paper and draw on it your frame. You’ll be using this as a template. Begin arranging your items in a way on the paper that you find pleasing. It may be symmetrical all around the frame. It may be a cluster in one corner, or on two sides of the frame, play around with it. Once you like your design, take a hot glue gun, and carefully begin gluing the items on the frame in the same pattern you just did on your template.

Here’s another idea, you can make photo marble magnets in a theme, do everything except apply the magnets. Use these around the frame. Say for instance, you have a photo of a boy who loves sports, make photo marbles of sport components, like a baseball, a bat, a mitt, a baseball cap of their favorite team, perhaps a photo of their favorite baseball star, a baseball field, you get the idea. Then glue those baseball themed photo marbles around the frame of the boy who likes baseball. This can be done with any topic and are especially good for photo frames of children.

Above all, use your imagination and have fun with the project. These will be special treasures for the one who receives these one-of-a-kind photo frames handmade by you.


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