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Updated on September 28, 2014

A Philosophical Poem

Working memory is fascinating in that it accentuates the closest to the present moment.

Systematology seems to highlight a great degree of reality’s ways.

No matter how much deordination seems to occur, it seems as if order prevails.

Anything that has contours has a ubiety.

Whatever complicates the decisiveness of free will is thoroughly grounded in patterns.

Patterns become sufficient accruements to perception.

Whether patterns are objectively, intersubjectively, or subjectively occurring is a matter of perpension and more.

Looking at reality as if it were unconfounded and simple enough may help clarify its position.

Thoughts seem to occur in a certain way, but they may occur differently.

How jumbled of a mess are thoughts?

How are thoughts formed? Where do they come from?

Many neuroscientists would probably agree with the idea that the way we visualize how we think has illusory qualities. Is that true? How would we know?

Neuroscience is an empirical science as most of the popular sciences are, but should we always lean on empirical science to figure out the truth?

Empirical science has offered reality bounds and is reliable in that Western medicine, understanding human behavior (psychology and more), Nature’s patterns, are sufficiently achieved under its investigations.

What other sciences could help uncover what’s veridical?

Well, what about metaphysics?

Metaphysics may point to the external world during its indagating, but it’s of its own and its motivating force is abstract.

The question is: can we get away from empiricism (or just empirical science in this case)?

If you think about it, it’s hard to not observe externally at least at times (probably more than we realize) while trying to support metaphysical thinking.

Can we ever isolate ourselves from empiricism?

Maybe the point is to not utterly escape from empirical science seeing how you don’t utterly escape from metaphysical thinking when you do empirical investigating. There’s an interplay going on if you pay attention. The realms of science work together.


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