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Different Precision Machine Components

Updated on June 17, 2013

Different Precision Machine Components

Precision Machine Components include the ball screws, mega torque motors, mono carrier, linear guides, spindles, XY tables and various other accessories. Some of these components are discussed below-

Ball screws

Ball screws are mechanical linear actuators that are used in translation of linear motion from rotational motion with little friction. A helical raceway is provided by a threaded shaft for ball bearings which behaves as a precision screw. These are capable of withstanding and applying high thrust loads with less internal friction.

These are used in situations of high precision because these are fabricated to close tolerances. These ball screws are bulky and require the mechanism for recirculation of the balls. Ball screws are used in missiles and aircraft for moving control surfaces in electric fly by wire especially. In power steering of automobiles, from electric motors the rotary motion is translated to steering rack’s axial motion.

These ball screws are also used in robots, machine tools and precision assembly equipment. The ball screws with high precision are used for semiconductor manufacturing in steppers.

Linear guides

Linear guides or linear motion bearing are fabricated for offering one dimensional free motion. There are various kinds of linear motion bearings. Motorized linear bearings are used in roller tables, XY tables, machine slides and in some dovetail slides which are operated by drive mechanism.

All linear slides are not motorized, there are many dovetail slides, roller slides and ball bearing slides which are non motorized and these provide linear movement of low friction for the equipments which are powered by hand as well as inertia. All linear guides offer with liner motion and the movement is based on bearings.


Spindles are rotating axis in machine tools which consists of a shaft in its hub. The shaft is only known as a spindle including its entire rotary unit consisting of the bearings, shaft and anything like a chuck attached to it. Machine tool consists of various spindles like the tailstock and headstock spindles present on a metal lathe.

The main spindle is the largest in size. Some machine tools are involved in high volume mass production which consists of more than group of 4 or 6 or more spindles. These machines are known as multi spindle machines which includes many screw machines, gang drills etc. The metal lathe consists of more than one spindle including the tailstock but it is known as multi spindle machine.

XY tables

XY tables are present in automated machinery which is used for providing horizontal motion like in assembly robots which possess fabricating facilities. Other automated machinery and robotic arms consists of stationary base and provides inadequate range of motion. These XY tables facilitate the horizontal movement along Y axis and X axis.

These tables are configured and built along multiple axes to offer high performance positioning. These tables are used in serving industries that include semiconductor, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, general machinery which provide precision controlled automated motion. These are also used in industrial automation equipment, material handling, automated measurement and in machinery building.

All types of Precision Machine Components are available online. Persons or organizations interested in availing these components can browse the internet.


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