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Black and White Photography

Updated on November 14, 2013

In recent years, black-and-white photography has become popular once again. With the many features found on modern digital cameras, it has made it easier to make black and white photography, as a hobby it become more affordable and economical. The latest digital camera models have settings for black and white photography. I have a Kodak Z700 and I just love the photo editing software which enables me to change color photographs into black and white. With just a click away my colour photos turns into black and white.

For me, black-and-white photography is beautiful because it creates images that are so personal and meaningful. To be able to enjoy black and white photography, you have to experiment, capture what is around you, take a lot of shot and have fun with it. The elegance and timelessness of black and white photography ensures its continual popularity. The fact is that more people are becoming interested in black and white photography for many reasons. Have a look on what I have captured using my Kodak Z700.

- Black and white photography has a tendancy to make photos look more like works of art.

Tree without leaves during winter
Tree without leaves during winter | Source

- Black and white photography produces a clean, crisp look.

Tuba players perform during the Blacktown City Parade.
Tuba players perform during the Blacktown City Parade.

- Transforms an overcast look into a striking photo emotion

Waves at the shore
Waves at the shore

- Black and White photography accentuates the depth of the photograph

Road leading to City Tunnel
Road leading to City Tunnel

- Black and white photography heightens emotional content

Steps at North Sydney
Steps at North Sydney

Aside from showing your black and white photographs to your family and friends through email and photoblogs, you can convert your favourite black and white photos into a set of striking matching frames and hung them in groups like a cluster in your wall. You can also make a theme like kids playing or a set of sunrise and sunset phtos. A set of nature and animal photos can be breathtaking. You are only limited by your imagination.

I hope you enjoy browsing at my photos. Be inspired, get your camera and take some stunning black and white photos.

Photography Links . . .

  • Digital Photography- Sepia Tone

    Sepia tone is a type of digital photo in which the picture appears in shades of brown. Before the invention of digital photography, sepia can only be produced in the darkroom, now you can create sepia tone by using your camera's software.

  • Top 8 Black and White Landscape Photography - Black and white photography esp. black and white landscape photography has its own mysterious charm. Perhaps it's the dramatic effect. Perhaps it makes you feel you are back in time somewhere, sometime, check these amazing black and white photography compiled by Michelle Simtoco.


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    • hero414 profile image

      hero414 6 years ago

      I really agree with your comment about black and white photography capturing emotional content. I have always enjoyed black and white photography for exactly that reason.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Joel, author

    • RichardCMckeown profile image

      RichardCMckeown 7 years ago

      Great photos. I agree with what Lyn said. They are all dramatic.

    • Riantiarno profile image

      Riantiarno 7 years ago

      Nice content and photo..Black and white photography is all about translating a coloured world into black, white and tones of grey.need more techniques to edit then colour photography but can produce image with hight art. just for share i found link about BW photography, maybe that usefull

    • profile image

      abhinav misra mississauga 7 years ago

      i personally feel that its the delicate balance of blacks greys and whites that make a perfect black and white shot ... it the capability to adjust that while taking the shot that makes it stand apart.

    • MAMBORD profile image

      MAMBORD 7 years ago from spain

      Very interesting!

    • profile image

      Gold Coast Wedding Photography 7 years ago

      I love back and white photography, but it's not for every photo. I find it works best for gritty shots, urban scenes, old people's faces etc.

    • RosWebbART profile image

      Ros Webb 8 years ago from Ireland

      Great content for a hub. I'll bookmark this one for later...

    • _cheryl_ profile image

      _cheryl_ 8 years ago from California

      Very nice shots! Black and White for me really does bring a photo that classic timeless appeal. Saw your hub on related hubs after publishing mine just now. Glad I caught yours!

    • Lou Purplefairy profile image

      Lou Purplefairy 9 years ago from Southwest UK

      lafenty: i aggree.

      the thing with discarding the colour info on a digital picture is that you lose some of the contrast, and even tho you can alter it in editing software, it does not has the same richness that film photography has. I like b/w photography because the removal of colour makes the viewer see more tones and shades, and has to work harder to have a more pronounced reaction to the image. Often in colour photography we appreciate the image because the colours lift our moods and make it a "nice" image, with b/w imagery the brain has to work harder to build an emotional respoinse through shadows and light, often produceing a more dramtic relationship with the image. Interesting work, i like the interplay of form and line in the shopping carts image.

    • lafenty profile image

      lafenty 9 years ago from California

      As a diehard black and white film photographer, I appreciate the simplicity of turning a digital picture into black and white, but it still doesn't quite have the depth of black and white film. Your pictures are beautiful however. Thanks for sharing them.

    • profile image

      Gold Coast Wedding Photographer 9 years ago

      Bring back the B&W era! =)

    • profile image

      personalized photo checks fan 10 years ago

      Let's see how these beautiful black and white pictures of yours will look if you try to put them on your personalized checks! I've put my own pictures on my own checks and they sure look awesome! For sure, you will also love this idea. have a little checking-it-out today!

    • profile image

      Csharrp 10 years ago

      I love them all!

    • MM Del Rosario profile image

      MM Del Rosario 10 years ago from NSW, Australia

      Hi Lyn,

      nice of you to drop by, yes, black and white photos seems to add a bit of nostalgic touch or a feeling when you look at it. I enjoy taking these photos and actually i have some more to show in my future hubs.

    • MM Del Rosario profile image

      MM Del Rosario 10 years ago from NSW, Australia

      Hi Rmnathan,

      thanks for dropping by and taking the time to looking at my hub. true, black and white photography is like poetry, there is a mystery somewhere hidden or left for the imagination.

    • profile image

      Lyn 10 years ago

      Black and white photos seem to add drama and feeling to a picture. Like your lens:)


    • Rmnathan profile image

      Rmnathan 10 years ago from Sharjah

      MM Del Rosario, Very good hub. Good information and tips. I too like black and white pictures as they give the essence of the subjects or scenes allowing the people to add a bit of immagination on it, like poetry.