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Digital Scrapbooking: The Traditional Art Gets Computerized

Updated on August 23, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking Produces High Quality Results!

 With the introduction of affordable computer hardware and innovative software programs, scrapbooking has been revolutionized. Known as digital scrapbooking, this medium makes it affordable and easy for anyone to create and share their art work with others. Even though many people still prefer the hands on method of traditional scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking is becoming more and more popular. Digital scrapbooking software has become so advanced that in some cases it's hard to tell the difference between a digital page and a real page.

Digital scrapbooking software is easy to use.
Digital scrapbooking software is easy to use.

Digital Scrapbooking Has Many Advantages

 Just one advantage of digital scrapbooking is that you can get into it for little or no money. There are free software programs and even entirely web based programs that provide all the elements needed to design a scrapbook page. All you need to do is upload your photos, place them in the design and add any digital embellishments you desire. Digital scrapbooking software generally comes with a wide range of materials for personalizing your design.

If you don't own a digital camera you will need to purchase a quality photo scanner to get your photos on a computer. However, investing some money instead in a decent digital camera will save you the time and hassle required for getting film developed and scanning numerous photos, a task that can be quite tedious.

Digital scrapbooking kits come in beautiful color combinations!
Digital scrapbooking kits come in beautiful color combinations!

Digital Scrapbooking Uses Layers, Not Physical Paper

 Another advantage to digital scrapbooking is the ability to maneuver the page elements in many ways without having to make a permanent change. Each element is created on its own layer and can be repositioned anywhere on the page. This allows you to try different layouts without wasting valuable scrapbook supplies. A digital layout is created the same way as a traditional page, by layering paper and embellishments over one another. With a variety of digital backgrounds and wallpaper to choose from you can create stunning visual designs.

A great example of a digital scrapbook page.
A great example of a digital scrapbook page.

Digital Scrapbooking Software & Tutorials Are Easy To Find!

 The ability to readily share pages on the internet has made digital scrapbooking quite popular, but your online scrapbooks are not limited to digital displays. Digital scrapbook designs can be printed, at home or professionally, to be displayed in albums or bound books and passed on as keepsakes.

A simple search for "digital scrapbooking" will produce thousands of results offering free software, tutorials and downloadable layout kits. Each kit features a theme or color scheme for absolutely any occasion. With the amount of digital scrapbooking media available today, there is no end to the design possibilities! Happy scrapping!

An In-Depth Look At Digital Scrapbooking Software

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