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Dinosaurs in ASCII Text Art

Updated on December 17, 2016

Dinosaurs are big in history, literally in most cases.

My sister created a brontosaurus for the school Science Fair many years ago. That was the nearest I had ever been to a dinosaur or any fossils. Dinosaurs were interesting but not something I thought about a lot. I was more interested in prehistoric people, than the animals around at the time.

Prehistoric ASCII art is another thing. I like seeing the dinosaurs created in text art. When we really have so little information to tell us what the dinosaurs really looked like. The latest update is that dinosaurs may have been feathered. They may even have been very colourful.

So, when creating a dinosaur in ASCII art you can stretch your imagination a little. How would they have moved and then stood still? Did they have eggs or live young? Should you create them as a pack or were they more likely to be loners? Just finding a few fossils can't give you the whole picture. So, as much as we base the ASCII art dinosaurs on what we do know, there is still enough we don't know to make them interesting.

As you look at this collection (gallery) of dinosaurs in ASCII art, think of them not as lines on a page but real creatures who lived, breathed, ate, slept and were much more colourful and lively than we will ever know from the fossils that remain from them.

How to Draw 101 Dinosaurs
How to Draw 101 Dinosaurs

Whether you make dinosaurs in ASCII art or draw them, you need something as a frame of reference. Just how big were the back legs? Do the eyes set in the middle or more at the top? Does the tail need to be longer, or pointed at the tip? Creating a dinosaur is in the details, as with many things. Getting the details right, at least some of them, gives your drawing (or your ASCII art) character.


Dinosaurs in Text Art

Dinosaurs in ASCII Art

ASCII Art Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs in ASCII Text Art


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