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Discover the Many Benefits of Crocheting

Updated on August 30, 2013

Crocheting is a great exercise for a wide variety of parts of your body. Not only is crocheting a great exercise for your hands which is what most people will think of immediately you will also realize that you are going to be working out your mind as well. You might be asking how crocheting can even remotely be working out your mind, but if you consider that you have to follow a pattern and be able to decipher what exactly the pattern is telling you to do you can easily see why crocheting will work out your mind.  For some people they might not even think about crocheting being an activity for younger people, but crocheting is actually a great activity for anyone of almost any age. My daughter who is five is wanting to learn how to crochet already which when a young person like that is wanting to learn how to crochet you can easily see that crocheting is not just for your grandma sitting in her rocking chair. One thing that you might be asking though is why should I even worry about learning how to crochet or what good will crocheting be for me. Here are some of the reasons why you will want to learn how to crochet.

First Reason Why You Will Like Crocheting

The first reason why you might want to learn how to crochet is because like was stated earlier in the article is that you can easily have a great exercise going on for your hands and mind. Now I do not know how much calories that is going to burn, but I do know that it is an activity that is keeping you active by using your hands all the time. However, not only do you burn calories with crocheting you will also end up keeping your mind active by figuring out the patterns that you are going to be working on and will always be able to find a new challenge each time.

Second Reason Why Crocheting is A Great Hobby

The second reason that crocheting is a great hobby to learn is because you can start making your family some homemade blankets that in my experiences tend to keep you quite a bit warmer than the store bought blankets. Just being able to make your own blankets will be able to save you money for a lifetime because if your stores are anything like mine the cost of the blankets are going up and if you have kids or pets then you know that they can get tore up very easily and then you have to hope that you are able to repair the blanket or item that is tore up. However, if the blanket is crocheted they might get snagged, but at the same time in my experience it is much easier to fix a crocheted blanket or afghan. Remember though that blankets and afghans are not the only thing that you can crochet you can also make sweaters, scarves, and many other items that your family can use.

Yet Another Great Reason Why You Will Love Crocheting

The third reason why crocheting is great is because you can relax and calm yourself down from a long and stress filled day at work. Now you might think that just because you are doing something with your hands that you are not going to unwind and will still be stressed out once you figure out your pattern and get busy doing your crocheted work you will be able to easily see how you can relax and quickly enjoy yourself while your stress just melts away as perform this wonderful task.

For some people they might not realize that crocheting has so many benefits, but you will want to try crocheting out for yourself before you let someone persuade you that you do not want to try it. Just remember that crocheting will let you make blankets, scarves, and other items for your family. Crocheting will also help you in the long run in keeping your mind active and keeping your hands active and you will also be able to calm your nerves from a stress filled day just by sitting down and simply crocheting your stress away.

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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 8 years ago from Ohio

      Your very welcome for the reminder!! Thank you for reading! Hope your scarf turns out great you will have to post some pictures of it!

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      All soooo true! It reminds me to go finish that scarf which not only will be beautiful but will keep me warm. A handmade item always has a special look of quality about it.

      Thanks for the reminder!