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Discover How to Make a Diaper Cake

Updated on March 1, 2016
Gorgeous "Hello Kitty' Diaper Cake
Gorgeous "Hello Kitty' Diaper Cake | Source
Baby Boy Diaper Cake
Baby Boy Diaper Cake | Source

Give one of these joyous gifts

Learn how to make a diaper cake and months after the baby shower is over, you'll still be hearing compliments. When you give a handmade gift of this nature, your thoughtfulness gets remembered. You're talked about - and in a good way!

If you don't know how to make a diaper cake, it's not that difficult to learn. You can find numerous pictures, blogs and recipes on the Internet that provide detailed instructions. Essentially, you acquire a number of diapers. The number you need depends upon the size and number of tiers of your cake. You tie the diapers into cylindrical shapes then assemble them into cake tiers. Pin them together with safety pins and tie with colorful ribbon, strips of fabric, lace, wool, crocheted lace or cord. Stack tiers one on top of the other.

Finally, decorate your creation with gift items for baby or for the mom-to-be. Items like baby bottles, rattles, toys, stuffed animals, bibs, onesies, soothers, powders, baby shampoos and so on are great additions. You can also tuck an item inside a nappy as you wrap it.

Let your imagination run wild when you think about designing your project. For something a little different, for example, consider a diaper wreath, a cake shaped like a pregnant woman's belly, a cake in the shape of a purse or high heeled shoe or boot or a cake shaped like a teddy bear or other small animal.

You may also want to consider using a theme when you design your cake. You might match your cake to the baby's room, for example. Or, if the parents to be are interested in a particular activity or sport, build your project around this activity. Are they avid skiers, perhaps? Look for bibs and baby toys that make reference to skiing. Decorate your diaper cake with snuggly, cozy woolen items like scarves and mittens and serve the cake on a "platter" made from toy skis, or make suitable "skis" out of decorated cardboard. You might even assemble your creation in the shape of a ski boot. Label your cake, "For the Little Snow Bunny".

Not only are diaper cakes memorable, fun gifts, but they are a healthy alternative to a traditional cake. Many of today's moms to be are health conscious and restrict the amount of sugar and fats in their diet. They will appreciate that you have not tempted them with unhealthy food choices that they would have felt obliged to consume - giving you yet another reason to gift them in this non-traditional fashion.

Lastly, when you assemble your project , I urge you to consider using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. You are giving baby the gift of a better environment to live in.

Check Out This Video

Take a peek at this video below. You will be positively drooling over some of these wonderful cakes. They are truly works of art.

One problem I see with these gifts is that they are so pretty and cute the new mom might not want to dis-assemble them for practical usage.

Diaper Cake Video

Poll: What Style Diaper Cake do you Like?

What style diaper cake would you give to the mom-to-be?

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    • FashionFame profile image


      8 years ago from California

      Hi nightcats. I have seen pictures of diaper cake on Internet but didn't knew how to make it. Thanks for ideas. Joining your fan club and would like to invite you too.

    • Victor Goodman profile image

      Victor Goodman 

      10 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Wow, what a unique idea. I'll have to share this with the wife.

    • Linda Ruth profile image

      Linda Ruth 

      10 years ago from Peterborough, NH

      Fun idea, this is going to be both useful and unusual--just what we look for in gifts!

    • nightcats profile imageAUTHOR

      June Campbell 

      10 years ago from North Vancouver

      Oh my. A grandchild approaching. Will this be your first?

    • Party Girl profile image

      Party Girl 

      10 years ago

      My daughter has just received a 'nappy cake' as we call it over this side of the pond. I thought it was fabulous and so far, we have not had the heart to open it up. Baby is expected any minute, so it will not last much longer!

    • Cindy Lietz profile image

      Cindy Lietz 

      10 years ago from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

      Now this is something I've not heard of before. I'll have to keep it mind for future reference. Thanks for sharing.


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