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Female Manga Fan Arts I - Disney And Gaming

Updated on August 11, 2013

Princess Ariel - The Little Mermaid

I must confess that I am very poor at watching Disney stuff, I prefer watching animes, reading comics/manga, but one of the characters that I have loved since I was young is Ariel. Princess Ariel is a great Disney girl who I could not resist trying to draw her.

I am thinking this drawing comes after she has become human, of course because she has legs instead of her former fish tail. She is enjoying a walk in the patio of her palace near the ocean. She lives with Eric, who she married earlier on.

I drew Ariel by hand, scanned the sketch and did all the edits and the colors most of all using Photoshop. The background was partly done separately, I used 3ds max software for the bridge, stairs, and the tiled ground.

Lenneth - Valkyrie Profile

I can only tell from my PSP game (Valkyrie Profile) that Lenneth is a strong woman with sense of justice, charming, powerful, leader, and super attractive. I think I did drew her with more sexy clothing here than what you see on the game. It is hopefully a good alternative costume for her.

She is cosplaying as Lady Justice. You can tell because she holds the scale on her left hand, and a sword on the right. She seems rather tall here, but I think it is to her advantage. it fits her I think, though I didn't have no reference drawing.

Out of all the females displayed here, I am guessing Lenneth will be the less known to people. Not many folks know about Valkyrie Profile, and so she is quite a rare gem to find.

Sonsaku Vs Kanu - Ikki Tousen

A battle of these two vixens is an event I would not want to miss. This drawing comes as a mix of watching the anime, and playing much of the street fighter games.

I think Japanese anime influences me a lot these days. Here in this scene; Sonsaku Hakufu dodges a hard kick from Kanu Unchou. Kanu's sandal flies off her foot, as they fight in school uniform attire... umm.. kindof.. Kanu's top might just be a little too revealing and they don't wear sandals to school in Japan (or do they?). haha! that was just my own thing, since I think it would make sense, because hot weather calls for it.

Emilie De Rochefort - Tekken

Better known as Lili. Lili Rochefort is a character from the Tekken, fighting video game series. I simply love her overall style. Thou, I have not played as her much in the game, nevertheless I love watching her fighting moves.

She is fashionable fighter, I get that she always likes to look good, and maybe sometimes she could be a little arrogant. She has made the Mishima Zaibatsu her enemy, and has taken Jin Kazama and Asuka Kazama her arch-rivals. Both fighters also in Tekken.

Here I did something very simple. Nothing fancy on this alternate costume. As what I have seen, She likes wearing lots of white and red. So that is why the colors here. Now after the drawing has been made, I can see that I might have made her legs a bit too thick, but other than that, I think it is ok.

Ayane - Dead Or Alive (DOA)

I think Ayane from DOA is one of the deadliest, and sexiest characters in the fighting video game industry. As you can tell she is my most favorite character of the game. Some might go with Kasumi as she is too quite strong and sexy girl, but Ayane is much better I think. And therefore I simply had to draw fan art of her.

I think purple suits her well! One thing about Ayane is that she looks so innocent sometimes, but we all should know not to judge a book by its cover. lol. Ninjitsu is her specialty and has the ability to kill instantly like any ninja would her enemy.

In this drawing, I tried to reflect her usual outfit, with one minor detail; she wears boots, but I guess she found herself with high heel sandals this time which came in her favorite color. It would be quite a challenge to fight in those mules I think. But that will just prove how skilled she is fighting without taking them off. lol :)

Esmeralda - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It has been a long time since I watched the movie. I could not forget Esmeralda. She is the one who comes a lot to mind when I think about the movie. It was just recently that I decided to do a fan art of her. This here is my first attempt at it. Win or Fail? you decide. lol...

I capture her spirit is very active, just like a child with much energy to burn. She is definitely a cutie too. This gipsy has big turquoise eyes and strong dark eyebrows and hair. She has like a tan skin which I absolutely love. Looking at some refference pics, I notice she only wears one big earring. Something I did not catch before about her.

About the drawing: hand sketch, then photoshop edits

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    • Jennuhlee profile image


      7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Ive never really been a fan of manga but these are pretty well done. I think the idea of turning the Disney characters into this style was original and they turned out well, voted up and awesome thanks for sharing:]


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