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Do Quality Production With Your iPad or iPhone

Updated on March 10, 2016

No Need for Big Productions Go Small With Your iDevice

For the average church, doing quality film production can be an expensive, hairy, beast. Film production is a cross between art,science, engineering, and any physical team sport. Even the smallest production mobilizes hundreds of people and can log an average of 10-16 hour days. The equipment can cost upwards into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and that probably just covers the camera gear. Fortunately this is a new day in age. Decent quality production can be done with the equipment at hand. God ask for a seed, He ask for us to use what we have and He will make up the difference. Do you have an updated iPhone, iPad or iPad mini? Great then that's your seed. Lets start there.
These new Apple devices offer some great full resolution shooting aspects. All of their modern devices shoot in full 1080p HD and almost all theses devices come with: tap focus while recording, video stabilization, backside illumination, time lapse and slo-mo video. These are some great shooting capabilities for a start. But I guarantee that you will be unimpressed with the quality of your video if you shoot handheld with built in audio, and built in lens.
The lens on either device is a standard wide angle lens which might be just fine for wide establishing shots. But what about the close up you need to do for your video announcements? Ah there in lies the weakness. Might I suggest Photojojo or even Amazon just search for iPad lens’s or iPhone lens options. You can get wide angle, multiple zoom lens’s, fish eye, or micro lens's. For that matter you can simply drive on over to your local Apple store and purchase a lens packet today. May I direct your attention to Schneideroptics. They have a fantastic collection of lens options. For some devices you can even get adapters to ad on full DSLR lens’s. Once you buy the lens kit, adapter and or DSLR lens you want then your ready to move onto the stability of your picture.

Medium Shot
Medium Shot
Close Up
Close Up
Wide Shot
Wide Shot

Watch this Great Video

Rig It for Better Church Media

Obviously turn on the built in stabilizer on the device but your going to need more help than that.You need a tripod or some kind of sturdy rigging for your Apple device. Again Amazon has some fabulous options. Top results had standard looking tripods with heads fitted to hold an iPad or iPhone. Joby looks like a fun option with their flexible legs. But the real piece de resistance has got to be the Padcaster. This is a tough but lightweight illumine frame for your iPad complete with all the bells and whistle for attaching an external mic and lights. Attach the Lenscaster and then you have the ability to place your favorite DSLR lens onto your Padcaster. The Padcaster can also attach to your tripod. It looks like a truly great choice for your filming needs. Now attach a Rhode boom mic, (my preference) and your on board light and your ready to get to work!
If your shooting an interview, announcements, or testimony then you need quality audio. May I then focus your attention toward a great line of lavaliere microphones for your idevice. Again the quickest way to hunt down what you need is Amazon. Most are around or under $30.00. The mic’s have mini jacks that just click right into your devices headphone slot and then you can clip the lav mic to your clothing garment of your talent. Now if you really want to get some good audio then look no further than your local Best Buy or again Get a Zoom recorder for $100 and a basic lav mic again for $30 or less.

In conclusion there is no real substitute for professional equipment or talent but until your ready for such an adventure there are more day to day options. You the layman, average church AV guy or even Head Pastor can now afford to do quality filming for your church. Now thanks to modern devices and their adaptable extras you can now record sermons, testimonies, announcements and much more with out the stress and expense of big production equipment.


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