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Do it yourself Gift ideas..

Updated on August 7, 2017

Crafty gift ideas anyone can do !!!

Now I am a mother of 7, so naturally with this falling economy I had to find ways to do gifts without costing a fortune. And I found some that work pretty well. These can be used for any occasion and for anyone. Just alter some of the things you put in them to suit your needs. Your imagination will be your biggest friend, there is no limit to what you can get done. Doing these gifts yourself will help you save some money and still give the best gifts around.

Great idea for a healthy homemade gift.
Great idea for a healthy homemade gift.

For the Baker

The first idea is a real good one if you can bake ( even if you just use package stuff it can still work). Get one of those nice containers that's really decorative. They come in tins, plastic or baskets. Most of them you can find at a dollar store or flea market. You can bake some cookies or brownies. If your not good at homemade you can buy the stuff already done and just stick it in the oven to cook. If you can bake then pull out your recipe book and be creative. You can really fill something up with all kinds of baked goods. And they go over really well. This is a very good welcome wagon gift for new neighbors.

Hot Chocolate Snowmen. Who could ask for a better gift..
Hot Chocolate Snowmen. Who could ask for a better gift..

Gift Baskets

Now if you can't bake or even turn on the oven, there is still hope. I have a lot of relatives who like bath and lotions. You can get full size bottles of their favorite bubble bath and lotions from any dollar store or one of those anything a dollar store are really useful. Just pick up a few bottles of their favorite scent, grab some tissue paper/filler and a wicker basket while your there. Put the tissue paper or other filler down in the bottom of the basket, place the bottles in the basket and finish with a nice bow on top. Now most of those you can create for under $15.00 dollars and have more in them than the ones the store sells. Now what you put in there can be changed depending on who you are giving it to. These baskets can also be used for holidays and special occasions.

These are also great for kids. Coloring book, crayons, stickers and activity books make a great gift for kids. Babies can be filled with pacifiers, bottles, washcloths or travel wipes.

The possibilities for gift baskets are endless and a lot cheaper if you do them yourself.

This can be filled with all sorts of things.
This can be filled with all sorts of things.

Perfect for Baby Showers

I know everyone has seen these diaper cakes. They are the latest rage for baby showers. I have seen hundreds of them and could not believe the price. Well I bought one for $65.00 and took it apart and you would not believe how easy these are. You can find a picture of one to get the main idea. I made the same exact one and actually had a little more decoration on it and was way under the $65.00 for the one I bought. Now the way you start one of these is to buy a package of newborn diapers. Depending on how many layers you want will depend on the size package. I bought a 40 count and made a 3 layer cake. Go back to that favorite dollar store and look in the baby section. They have just about anything for a dollar. From shampoos and lotions to pacifiers and rattles. Perfect for added decorations. Now to assemble the cake you will need a package of rubber bands and some scotch tape. Roll the diapers up from the top (wear it opens up at) to the bottom and secure with scotch tape. You will use this as your center. Now do another diaper the same way and place on the outside of the first. You will need to continue in this pattern till you completely surround the first diaper. Place a rubber band around the whole thing to hold together. That's your first row. So depending on how big you want it just keep repeating this step. Secure each row within the same rubber band. Once you have the first layer as big as you want it then continue to the nest layer. Which is done the same way as the first just a little smaller. And so on and so on till you get the height you want your cake to. Now depending on whether it's a girl or boy. You will need some ribbon, and a roll of tulle. They can be in whatever color you want to make this in. The ribbon needs to be wide enough to cover the rubber bands around each layer. You can use the rubber band to place the small bottles of baby wash and other items you got to put on the cake. You can make a bow out of the tulle for the top and make the ends drape off the whole cake. I will normally add some curling ribbon also, just to touch it up some. I have placed a picture of the most recent one I did to show you how easily they can be done. I do these just for personal use , but you can make them and sell them.


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