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Do not remove this sticker under penalty of law

Updated on August 23, 2011
Copyright by Edward M Fielding
Copyright by Edward M Fielding

Leaving on the stickers make you look like a fool

Ok, from the first sentence I am going to admit that this is going to be a silly article. It might not be the most pressing issue in America and you'll probably regret wasting your time reading this but its an issue that really bugs me. What is it you ask? It's one of my pet peeves, people who don't remove the marketing stickers on their electronics!

I'm sure that you dear reader know that manufacturer's stick all kinds of stickers on their electronic devices like "14 Megapixels!", "Bluetooth Enabled" etc. These stickers are place there in case that individual device is choose as the demonstration model in the store. Rather than sending every store a special sticker ladened camera or DVD player, manufacturers simply sticker up every product in the manufacturering process.

The product designers who labor to make the device cool looking in your entertainment center or in your hand have nothing to do with these stickers. Its the marketing department who sticks them on later when the product is ready for the sales shelf. They are meant to be removed - as I'm sure you know - by the customer.

But as I'm sure you've witness as I have, many of your friends, relatives, and complete strangers don't remove these stickers. They hold digital cameras up to their eye that scream out sales messages like the owner stole it from the store or are still in the store trying it out.

What are these people thinking? I can only guess that they either think its somehow against the law to remove the stickers or they think that perhaps maybe they'll be taking the camera back someday? Or maybe they are simply so stupid that they need to refer to the stickers if case someone asks them a question about their device. What megapixels is that camera? Does it have Bluetooth? I don't know, let me check my handy cheat sheet, the marketing stickers.

All I know is keeping on the marketing stickers on your electronic devices just makes you look like someone who is cluesless. If you want everyone to know that you don't have a clue how to use that new digital camera, by all means leave the stickers plastered all over it.


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