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Do you have a passion for sewing? You need an executive size sewing cabinet

Updated on December 11, 2011

Custom built Amish handcrafted sewing cabinets to fit any model sewing machine

If you sew a lot, sew as a professional, or just as a hobby you will appreciate these large organizing sewing cabinets. The Amish make most all the family clothes, blankets and linens. They know how important it is to have a large well organized sewing center.

The Amish also know how to build quality long lasting furniture and that’s why Cottage Craft Works features these cabinets to those who love to sew. Made of premium hardwoods these sewing cabinets are built to last for generations to come.

This beautiful Amish handcrafted sewing cabinet will organize all your sewing needs and provide a wonderful work area all into one piece of furniture. It will be custom made to fit your sewing machine head. The sewing machine sits on a hydraulic lift that easily pushes down when the top is closed.

When the raised panel doors are closed this unit appears to be a side board or chest to fit into your decor.

Sewing cabinets can also be built to include a Serger compartment which also folds for storage. The Serger compartment can be built on the right or left to customize the cabinet for the user.

The unit features a slide out wall for spools of thread and four different sized drawers; the bottom drawer is designed to hold patterns as well as casters built into the bottom for moving around. The top folding lid uses double knuckle hinges on top so fabric will not snag. The sides and doors are built with raised panel construction; these are all standard on the Cottage Craft Works sewing cabinets, which others sell as optional added cost items.

Wood choices are oak, cherry or hickory with 28 different stain options available.

You can purchase these custom built sewing cabinets at this link Cottage Craft Works Sewing Cabinets.

Cottage Craft Works features old fashioned products that are as functional today as they were centuries in the past. Handcrafted products that will become future family heirlooms are available from this very unique company that promotes American products. Handcrafted products are made in small cottage based shops from all across the United States.

To see all the wonderful products log on to


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