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All About Doodle Drawings

Updated on June 26, 2013

Are you a Doodler?

Do you find yourself absentmindedly drawing on just about anything you can get your hands on? Do you have thousands of ideas just waiting to be doodled? If so I’m going to class you as a doodler. Don't worry, it’s not a bad thing, in fact it’s awesome! We’re going to look at some of the doodle meanings, share some doodle ideas and even show you how to sell your doodles online!

Doodle Meanings

Whether you’re sketching on the phone book while chatting on the phone, or scribbling on a magazine whilst watching TV, you either have the urge to doodle or you don’t. So what does it mean if you have that urge? It means you have a creative and visual mind! Doodles are often a way for artistic folk to express their feelings. All manners of feelings can be portrayed in the doodles you sketch. If you’re having an uptight phone conversation with an unwanted salesperson, it’s likely the shapes you are drawing are crisp, bold and sharp. This suggests they were drawn quickly and decisively, as a result from your possible frustration with the call centre clerk on the other end of the phone! If you’re having a relaxed conversation with your friend your doodles may appear more soft and flowing. More care may be taken to ensure that the lines are drawn neatly and the shape may actually represent something. Doodle meanings can range from anything to being bored or tired, lonely or excited. Only you can understand how you were feeling at the time of the doodle to unlock its true meaning

Things to doodle

So what shapes do we draw while doodling? This is different for everyone. Dependant on your interest and hobbies your doodles may actually have a theme. For example if you’re interested in music, you may find that your doodles are focused around musical instruments. Maybe you always start by sketching out the shape of a guitar or piano? Then venture off sketching round to distort the shape to end up with a unique doodle drawing. This also highlights the fact that no two doodles are ever alike which is what makes them so personal and interesting.

Doodle Tutorial - Graffiti

How to Make Money from your doodles

Have you ever thought of the possibility that you could sell your doodles online? Well you can. What better way to make a few extra pounds each day by profiting from your quick sketches. There are companies and people all over the world looking for quirky sketches and ideas to use for their company logos and advertising content. You can be one of the people that provide these ideas and get paid doing so. You can make your doodles available online and get paid every time they are downloaded. Follow this guide to get started and start making money by selling your doodles.

Guide to selling your doodles online

What’s the next step? Would you like to become an artist?

So we've discussed the art of doodling, and established that you are a creative thinker, so what’s next. Do you think you would like to upscale and begin drawing on sketchpads? Does the idea of presenting your ideas on a white blank canvas excite you? Believe it or not this is a really easy progression, and the first you should take if you want to learn how to draw and sketch. The technique of drawing on a sketchpad is just the same as doodling on bits of paper, the only difference with a sketch pad is you must draw a little bigger. But once you've finished the result will be your very only piece of art that’s nicely presented on a clean white background. Once you have got your feet wet and have sketched out your first drawing, the sky and your imagination are the limit for the art you can produce.

What type of Art interests you most? How are you going to produce your artistic Ideas?

Art is a big word, there are many subcategories which fall under the word which allow us to understand its different forms. Pop Art, Modern Art, Graphic Art and photography are a few, but even trying to use words to capture the imagination of a world full of artists is not easy. We will focus on the methods used to create forms of art, this is called the ‘medium’. For example the sketchbook along with the pens or pencils you used can be classed as a medium, and possibly the most introductory method for a new artist. Incredibly detailed work can be achieved just through pencil and paper alone however in order to develop yourself as an artist its recommended you dabble in some other mediums sooner rather than later.

Check out some of these video tutorials using different mediums.


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