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Does your website look good on a mobile device like iphone or android? Probably not.

Updated on September 11, 2011

For those people who own their own websites, and that is probably about 85% of the world population, they will be surprised to find that their their web sites do not look good on a mobile device such as iphone, blackberry, android, etc.

Now, 50% of the world is surfing the web on their mobile devices, which obviously is exactly even with the usage that the internet gets on desktop and laptop conputers. Why is that? Most people are no longer on their desktop computers the entire day and the internet has become a staple in our every day lives, so more and more people are surfing the internet while on the go whether commuting to work on a bus or train, walking, and yes, some people even surf the web while they exercise.

For those of you who have websites, you need be make sure it looks good on your own mobile device as well as the mobile device of your friends and family. if it does not, you could be losing website visitors.

Most web design firms design your web site on a 21 inch computer monitor, so let's call that the "21 inch web site". However, since all mobile devices take up no more than 2 1/2 inches, those 21 inch websites look smooshed, crushed, and downright ugly.

You need a version of your website that looks good on a mobile device and most web design firms are clueless or just lazy when it comes down to making your website mobile. It is a different kind of web design and one that most web designers need to learn.

I now have been converting my web design clients' websites to mobile versions and there are ways to make that happen, which I have in another hub.

The problem is that most websites have a lot of pictures and graphic files that load very quickly on a regular desktop or laptop computer, but take forever to load on a mobile device. To make it look good on a mobile device, make sure your mobile web site does not have a lot of photos. If it does, you need to determine with photos and graphic imahes can stay and which ones can be eliminated.

You never know when someone will visit your website on their mobile device and if your website is for your business, you want to make sure that it gets the visitor to stay rather than leave because they cannot read the text.

My desktop computer Wordpress blog on a mobile device

My Wordpress blog on a mobile device - So much cleaner


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