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Dog and Cats Postage Stamps & In Real Life

Updated on February 15, 2011

Dogs and Cats

Cat and Dog stamps
Cat and Dog stamps
Standoff between the species. The dog barks, the cat just looks at it, then, continues eating.
Standoff between the species. The dog barks, the cat just looks at it, then, continues eating.
A usual end result between our dog and cat.
A usual end result between our dog and cat.

Perhaps the best ever US Postage stamps about animals are the Animal rescue Dog and Cat postage stamps. The frontal photos of dogs and cats are adorable and you know everyone has a favorite.

I love the gray cat. Something about it ( I use to have one) but following a close second is the orange cat and the long hair Jack Russel next to the black cat.

What is it about cats and dogs, anyway? Being a owner of both, I can say that cats are skillful, refined, sneeky, shy, hate noise, picky. Dogs are pretty much the opposite- bold, brash, in your face, dumb, smart, love noise, eat anything.

Can dogs and cats live together? Sure, but the trick is to have adult cats first, then, bring a puppy. At first, the cats are not sure what to make of it. The puppy is their size, but smells different and poses no threat. So, cats will lay down the law and rules about their mutual areas. The puppy, then, grows up knowing the rules and consequences if the rules is broken. Even if the the dog is bigger, they have a mutual respect. However, when strangers cats or dogs are near, the y behave as predicted-they hate each other.

We have two adult cats and then got a Jack Russell puppy. Both were curious of each other at first, there was no combat action. As they acclimated to each other, the puppy got swatted a few times but the law or rule was established. As the puppy got bigger, it began to chase the cats in a playful manner. The male cat , which is 14 lbs, would just stand there as if asking, "what do you want?" , the puppy would just bark, as if saying, "Let's play!". The dog would either lunge toward the cat and the cat would either swat it with no claws, like a slap, or either would chase the dog or the dog would chase the car until the cat had had enough and jumped onto table. It is very funny to see a cat chase a dog.

Since it is a small dog, the male cat and dog are about the same weight and size, so I guess the male cat is not bothered as much as the female cat. As to the female cat, she avoids the dog and if the dog is face to face with it, the female cat knows it is a friendly dog yet remains very cautious as to its intentions. The dog will just go crazy about her, so it ends up with the dog chasing the female cat unless cornered. Then, the claws of a black cat come out and hissing.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 7 years ago

      I agree, our dog really likes to play and taunt the orange cat. Sometimes, the cat will play with the dog by swatting it or chase it, but it short lived. Cats have a low tolerance for even family dogs.

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 7 years ago from Oklahoma

      Cats and dogs are out furry children.

      We had a cat and then got a Boston Terrier puppy. The dog learned to clean his face like a cat and still does it after eleven years. They are funny little critters.