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DragonWorld - be inspired with this dragon art book - review

Updated on August 23, 2014

DragonWorld - be inspired by some of todays best dragon art

DragonWorld, by Impact books will soon be available to buy and for the fantasy art enthusiast it will be a stunning book. For anyone who loves dragon art , it will be one of those books you will want to reserve a copy of.

For me, it's the first time some of my artwork will be in print, within the pages of such a book and Impact books have done a first class job of turning the artwork I sent them into the CMYK files needed for print.

DragonWorld - quality production

DragonWorld is a book made for the mass market and the quality has not been cut for this. I see a lot of art books and as a fantasy art book collector, DragonWorld has a great feel to it, with the use of a hardback cover and foil title. The paper used within the book holds the artwork well, as with a book showcasing artwork, the last thing you want is show through of the image on the next page.

DragonWorld book cover

A fantasic draon illustration hints as to the artwork within the book
A fantasic draon illustration hints as to the artwork within the book

What can you expect from DragonWorld by Impact books.

A first class fantasy art book showing 120 dragons with advice and inspiration from 49 international artists, dedicated to the very coolest of mythological beasts,

DragonWorld is a showcase of some of today's best, most imaginative dragon art, from fantasy artists from all over the world. Some of the dragon artists stick to the popular notion of what a dragon is, while others offer more unexpected interpretations, but all are stunning.

The artist that have contributed to DragonWorld are a diverse group of international fantasy artists who have developed loyal fan followings on the popular online showcase,

DragonWorld represents a variety of mediums, styles and a wealth of inspiration to dragon artists and wider fantasy artists alike.

DragonWorld first impressions

First impression is a quality book, as the hardback cover gives the book some weight with an impressive dragon illustration that hints at the fabulous work waiting within the pages of the book. The gold foil on the cover, which highlights the DragonWorld title, is a great touch, especially given the nature of the book.

As with my other reviews, you will know that I am not a fan of paperback covers and it's nice to see DragonWorld with a substantial hard cover, a definite thumbs up for Impact books for that.

DragonWorld gets straight into the dragon artwork

If you are expecting a fantasy art book that shows you the various materials and techniques of working, then you will be disappointed. DragonWorld is a showcase for 49 international artists and dives straight into the artwork from the artists.

Dragon World by Impact Books

One of my own pages within DragonWorld
One of my own pages within DragonWorld

Artist bio

Each artist has a bio about themselves and answers to various questions to highlight the thinking behind the dragon artwork.

Varied dragon artwork from international artists

The one thing that will stand out about the book is the varied approach the artists have taken to produce the dragon artwork within DragonWorld. From traditional methods to digital techniques, from pencil to oils paints, all have been used. With this varied approach, from a good cross section of fantasy artists, makes sure there is something for every dragon art enthusiasts.

Many of the artists have there own websites listed on the bio section of each of the artists pages, which makes it easy to find other artwork by the artists featured within DragonWorld.
At 160 pages packed with great artwork, DragonWorld is a book worth having and if you love fantasy art and especially Dragon Art, you will love this book.

One of my dragon illustrations as a double page spread
One of my dragon illustrations as a double page spread

Dragon art from all over the world

The book contains artwork from 49 international artists with such names as Jim Pavelac, Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Kerem Beyit, Jessica Peffer and me Jonathan Grimes, to name but a few. For an exact list of who's work appears in the book see the list at the end of this page.

120 Dragons from 49 International Artists

Below illustrate the varied approach to the dragons within DragonWorld and for any dragon art or fantasy art enthusiasts this book is well worth the addition to your book shelf.

49 International Artists

The book includes artwork from 49 international artists including, Kei Acedera, Corinne Aiello, Kerman Beyit, Juan Calle, Bobby Chiu, Julia Chubarova, Emmy Cicerega, Ginger Cooley, Melita Curohy, Alyssa T.Davis, Sarah Anne Davis, Thanaphan Dechboon, Alice Duke, Collette J. Ellis, Carlos Eulefi, Jonathan Grimes (me), Natalia Ponce Gutierez, Hedvig Haggman-Sund, Ashley Hall, Mauricio Herrera, Freya Horn, Amelie Hutt, Sarah Jaffe, Lina Karpova, K. Laczin, Kelsey Lakowske, Stephannie Pui-Mun Law, Kendrick Lim, Daniel Lundkvist, Victoria Maderna, Katarzyna Marcinkowska, Eduard Mirica, Robb Mommaerts, Steanie Mrin, William O'Connor, Michelle Parker, Jim Pavelec, Jessica Peffer, Nicolas Alejandro, Aaron Pocock, Kaitlin Ried, Tiago Da Silva, John Staub, E.J.Su, Sandara Tang, Adam Vehige, Ursula Vernon and Chuck Wadey.

DragonWorld is a nicely bound hardback book packed with great dragon art from an international selection of fantasy artists with something for everyone. Don't miss out on your copy and pre order today!

Fantasy art books for inspiration
Fantasy art books for inspiration | Source

Fantasy art books for inspiration

I have been collecting fantasy art for over 20 years and have built up a great collection of fantasy art books. Take a look at some of the best over at my best fantasy art books article, and more will be added soon.

My fantasy dragon art and how I painted it.
My fantasy dragon art and how I painted it. | Source

Fantasy dragon art and how I created my own!

I have always been interested in fantasy art and dabble in digital art myself. One of my dragon art pieces can be seen at my Fantasy dragon art article. There are some basic step-by-steps on how I created the digital painting, and feedback is welcome.


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    • CassandraCae profile image

      Cassandra Kuthy 

      4 years ago from Ohio

      how exciting, congrats on getting your art features, book looks great

    • vox vocis profile image


      6 years ago

      From what I've read and seen in the video and on the photos you've included in the hub, DragonWorld is a great book, very informative and interesting - a book to enjoy. Congratulations on having your own work included in the book!

    • Jonathan Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Grimes 

      7 years ago from Devon

      I do have a copy but this is because I work for a publisher who's parent company is Impact Books in the USA. We have advance copies so got a sneak peak but haven't been sent my personal copy yet.

      It does look great, with some stunning artwork.

      I have put together some Youtube videos and if you search by 'dragonworld book by impact books' on Youtube, they come up. (Don't think I am aloud to put direct links within the comments)

      Take a look . .

      All the best and like the artwork you have on your site!

    • profile image

      Collette J Ellis 

      7 years ago

      OMG! You got your coppy! Sooooooooooo Exited about seeing my work in this book :D looks fantastic!


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