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Dragons Domain, Bob Eggleton Dragon Art - book review

Updated on November 14, 2011

Learn to paint like the pros

I have collected fantasy art books for many years and Bob Eggleton’s new book Dragons Domain – The Ultimate Dragon Painting Workshop is one that will definitely be added to the collection.

The painting style is not to everyone’s taste but for me the painterly style and vibrate colours are second to none, something I feel can be lost is some of today’s digital painting.

The book starts with the usual array of information on materials, but it’s great to see tubes of paint and a real traditional artist work station. Basic drawing techniques are also covered in the first section of the book and these are all with a dragon perspective. Inspiration and reference is also covered in the book and this is great to see as many people seem not to bother to ground there work with reference. Collecting and looking at reference is essential as it’s the small detail that really can make a painting.


The project step-by-steps are in-depth and well laid out but might be a little to advanced for the true beginner. Even with this, the step-by-steps themselves are a great source of reference and inspiration to artists of all levels.

Don’t expect glossy high end digital artwork but be prepared for stunning down to earth painting of a subject matter close to the heart of any fantasy artist who loves to paint dragon art.

Working for a publisher of great instructional art books I was lucky enough to meet the man himself while he was over from the USA to discuss his book. An American illustrator born in 1960, a highly successful science fiction, fantasy and landscape artist. Winner of 9 Hugo Awards, 12 Chesley Awards, the 1999 Skylark Award and 2 Locus Awards. His science fiction and fantasy art can be seen on the covers of many magazines and books.

If you love the traditional painting style, dragons and want to know how to paint a dragon, then this book is for you and the teacher is Bob Eggleton, a fantay artist at the top of his game.

Dragons' Domain
Dragons' Domain

A great guide for painting Dragons from a master fantasy artist


Great step-by-steps show you how to build your dragon art

My own fantasy art in print

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Other great Dragon Art books - Learn from the pros to create great fantasy art

Let me know what you think of this great book

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