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How To Draw A Butterfly With Drawing Video Tutorial

Updated on July 24, 2011

Drawing Butterflies

Butterfly drawing is great to practice your drawing skills what with the symmetrical nature of the butterflies design, you can easily create your own butterfly design once you have studied the butterfly from some reference pictures.

This is just a quick video drawing tutorial and I will go through drawing a butterfly, so get your pencils out and draw some butterflies!!

First things first, you need to draw the body and I do this with a long sausage like tube like in the photo right.

Draw Butterfly

Drawing a butterfly.
Drawing a butterfly.

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Marking Out The Wings

 The wings are the most important part of your butterfly design, so here it is important to mark them out in rough first and the go over in a harder pencil like I have, the general shape of the butterfly is usually the same for all butterfly types, so get used to drawing them the same every time.

Draw The Butterflies Head

 The head of the butterfly is small and the antenna are sometimes quite long, so this part is usually easy after a few tries and a bit of study of the butterfly anatomy.

Visual Details Of Our Butterfly

 Some details can be added at this stage, such as the design markings on the wings and the body and also a hint of some arms and legs, like in the drawing below.

Watch The Video On How To Draw A Butterfly

How To Draw A Butterfly

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      Eileen Kersey 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Helpful as always