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Draw A Cartoon Frog In 12 Steps

Updated on May 18, 2012

Let's Get Started!

Since my first drawing hub got a good response I thought I'd try another, practice makes perfect!

In this hub I'm going to walk you through drawing a cartoon frog, as you see on the right. The honest truth is this is my first attempt and something like this... however, I thought it turned out nice enough to put up. :) I'm going to go through in 12 steps from pencil lines through inking of how to draw the little guy on the right, and at the end I'll tell you what his name Sweekee, means... you know you can't wait so lets get started!

Step One:

This is step one, a lot of drawings start out like this, probably because a circle or oval seems to be part of a LOT of drawings, from animals to humans circles and ovals are just common.

So start by drawing an oval, just light sketching, remember that you are using an erasable pencil.

Step Two:

Now we added some lines to the frog, looks like misc lines yeah? Well no, we have added two more circles... guess for what.. yes, the eyes.

As you can see, I changed the shape of the original oval... by putting in places for the eyes, see the triangles in there? I also added some lines to start defining the arms.

Step Three:

Ok, moving on I erased the guide lines near the eyes, you can see it complete now.. eh? Now that the eyes have their shape you can add the eye lids, depending on how you tilt them they can make your cartoon frog look, Happy, Angry, Sad, Devious... what ever you want.. play around with it and decide.

Also I added a very general couple of triangular shapes for the hands of our Jazz Cartoon frog! AIso we started to define the body of the frog, again if you notice we go back to ovals! ^_^

Step Four:

Now that we have finished our last step we move on to adding froggy features like I don't know, the legs?!

Cartoon frogs always seem to have very pointy legs to me.. so that's what I tried here... notice how the legs almost look like a very very en-longed downwards pointing triangle? Especially the straight one (the right leg as your view) you can see this very clearly.

The same is true about the arms and notice that I finished up the arms from here... what do you think, are we starting to piece together? Bear with me here as we move on to the next step!

Step Five:

Notice here we start to define more of this frogs, ehem.. "refined" taste, starting to add a classy jacket to him, see the vest like shirt and the buttons? Remember to leave room at the top of the vest like apparel, this isn't the end!

I also adding highlights to my frogs eyes, which you can see, I like to add mine early on so wallah!

Furthermore, I added the mouth to our frog at least the general lines, as you can see the way his mouth varies in heights and angles, this is my opinion... again play around with it, it's up to you!

Step Six:

Ok in this one just bear with me here as I point out a mistake of my own and fix it.

Notice how the eye lids are angling different from the last picture? Yeah, I changed the angle of them because when I looked at him he looked sad or nervous! This was not the emotion for the Sweekee's Jazz Club now is it?! so I changed the angle to reflect confidence, the emotion I was trying to portray in the first place.

Also, remember how you didn't go all the way up on those buttons? Well here we are and look, he has his bow tie now! I added an extra button in my remaining space.

Step Seven:

In this step I added some shadowing, some reference of where I was putting some lines, just to make sure it was how I liked before inking it... turns out.. it wasn't.

But anyways, I added some lines to the jacket, added color to the frogs eyes, a shadow under the mouth. I added those flappy things to the back of his jacket, lol.. my bad I don't know what they are called. :) Spots to his bow tie, a lip to his mouth.. starting to see the changes?

Also take notice that in this step I finished the hand and feet! See? I made this picture larger so you could see up close the details. ;) Yes, I added his nose, I'm so glad you noticed!

See The Changes?

Step Eight:

Moving on to this next step, the main notice is I added spots! So many frogs have spots, I added them as a personal preference... you don't have to.

Add blush spots to the cheek, add eyes brows, do you see them... above the head?

I also decided I didn't like how the eyes looked so I changed them, you can do them anyway.. I just didn't feel like doing solid color this time.

Step Nine:

This is the first step to the inking, just ink the lines your sure of... I was to point out however a lot of lines run into other lines so you might was to think before following through on every line.

Take a look at the frogs chin and bow tie, I made them interfere with each other, it could have gone either way.. but I liked the look of this set up better, consider things like that before inking, even little things can make big difference when your drawing.

Notice that I just did the outside lines at this point, no shading, no filling in colors...also I want to show you I hadn't even erased the pencil lines from underneath.

Step Ten:

Here we are in the next step of inking, I use sharpies, use whatever tool it is you use. ;)

Here I filled in the solid colors, the bow tie, the buttons, eyes, see where I'm going with this? I like to use stripes when drawing shadows or lighter colors, here I just used quickly sketched lines.

General tip, the closer together the lines are the darker the color looks while the farther away the lines are the lighter it looks!

Also I filled in the spots, and some misc patches of lines.. you see them? on the right arm, and leg... those lines are showing a kind of shadowed area. Continue on like this.

Step Eleven:

In this step I've finished up the overall inking. Also I added a border, and the name... yes, so you've been dieing to find out! Sweekee, what does it mean? Well Let's see:

"In Indonesian cuisine, frog-leg soup is known as swikee or sweekee, most probably brought by the Chinese community in Indonesia. Swikee is mainly frog-leg soup with strong taste of garlic, gingers, and fermented soya beans, accompanied with celery or parsley leaves.." -Wikipedia

What a name for a frog yeah? I got a laugh out of it, hope you did too!

Step Twelve:

Keep trying, make it your own, show your drawing off sites like Deviant Art are great for that... ^_^ And look out for more drawings hubs on the way! ^^


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    • Cam Anju profile imageAUTHOR

      Cam Anju 

      9 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      Thank Waynet, more steps usually are better for learning to draw... (For me!) lol! ^_^

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 

      9 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      This is great for a first attempt and there are more steps which is good, people who want to learn to draw seem to like more steps to see a drawing progress further, so they can follow it themselves better....Great job...cute frog...hello Sweekee!!!

    • Cam Anju profile imageAUTHOR

      Cam Anju 

      9 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      rvsource, thanks for being my fan.. and thanks for checking out my hubs.. I think he's cute too.. lol! :)

    • rvsource profile image


      9 years ago

      Cam Anju

      Thank you for becoming my fan. I am checking out your blogs right now. I love the frog, it is adorable!


    • Cam Anju profile imageAUTHOR

      Cam Anju 

      9 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      nazishnasim, thank you, I'm very glad you like it! ^_^ Oh boy, now I'm curious what Frogdropping has to say if they saw this... I wonder if they will, lol! :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      What a delightful hub! :D ... Loved it!I will love to hear what frogdropping has to say about it! ;D

    • Cam Anju profile imageAUTHOR

      Cam Anju 

      9 years ago from Stoughton, Wisconsin

      Thanks Shamelabboush, I'm really glad! ^_^

    • shamelabboush profile image


      9 years ago

      This is really something Cam Anju. I learn a lot from you :)


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