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How To Draw Fantasy Weapons Swords And Guns Drawing Videos

Updated on August 18, 2011

Draw Fantasy Swords And Guns

Drawing weapons and fantasy weapons are fun to draw as you can draw them really over the top from huge swords that look like they would be difficult to fight with, but the characters manage it anyway or large guns that you may need an instruction book manual to work out how to fire the thing. And plus drawing fantasy weapons of any sort are fun to draw, it's a flash back from when we were kids drawing swords and guns.

Here is a quick video on drawing a simple flaming sword, a favorite type of sword tha you may see by other artists is a flaming sword, notice I haven't over complicated the sword design and just made the whole design fairly simple and easy to follow, because once you learn how to draw a basic flaming sword, you can then ramp up the details yourself and really study the Sword.

Draw a flaming sword....

Draw A Flaming Sword Video

Drawing Fantasy Weapons

Draw fantasy weapons, swords, spears and guns.
Draw fantasy weapons, swords, spears and guns.

Drawing A Gun Idea

A very basic drawing of a retro looking futuristic gun with the red and blue colors drawn with ball point pens, the idea was to make it not too futuristic and not too large either, sort of like a ray gun of some sort that you could imagine was out of Flash Gordon or something equally camp. Drawing future guns relies heavily on exaggerating the guns of the present age, so really have fun with it and draw some cool futuristic weaponry.

Drawing A Gun Idea Video

Draw A Knife Or Dagger Drawing Video

Draw A Knife

Another pretty basic drawing video of drawing a knife and some people have said that that's not a knife, this is a knife and things like that on the video page. But really a knife is a knife and there are many variations to learn to draw, so if you think it's a knife, a dagger or a short sword then please just draw it how you want!

Drawing Fantasy Weapons

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